Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bits and Pieces

We're snoozers. Have you ever known someone or been roommates with someone who is a snoozer--the ability to press snooze on the alarm clock every 10 minutes for up to an hour and still sleep? I'm sure if you are not a snoozer, this can be VERY annoying. But luckily for us, Kulani and I are both snoozers. And luckily, we now live in a home. When we lived in WyView some years ago, the walls were pretty thin. Our poor neighbors weren't snoozers. By the end of the semester, after the first alarm went off, we'd here this banging on the wall we shared between us. Yes, the geniuses who designed WyView put the master bedrooms next to each other. You could hear other sounds as well, but we won't go there.

Kulani's nephew Alika visited us last night. Alika is a singular fellow. He returned from a mission in sunny California and is now attending BYU. I feel as though I am personally responsible for helping Alika get into BYU, because it was me who went around collecting all his important data that he needed to submit before the application deadline. I trapsed up to the UofU with newborn in one arm and two girls following to retrieve his transcripts; I called his old high school to fax his transcripts; I made sure his essay was in on time. And it paid off--he got accepted into BYU. And now it's paying off for me, because Alika is a wonderful guy to have around. I'd like to adopt him if I could. Last night when he stopped in to visit, he heard Nohea crying and picked her up while I prepared dinner. Nohea knows and loves Alika. She layed her head down on his shoulder and snuggled into him. It melted my heart to watch him hold her. Then Alika helped me clean up the dishes. If you know of some single ladies who are the cream of the crop, let me know. Alika deserves a good woman in his life. And he's good looking to boot.

Poor Jessie is sick today. That dog has somehow managed to wedge himself into my cold heart. Poor guy keeps having to throw up or something, so he shakes his head feverishly to wake me up and have me let him outside. He doesn't bark to wake me up, he shakes his head, which causes his ID tags to clank together. He's had some close calls where he almost threw up on the carpet, but we somehow managed to get him outside before he did. How does a pet know and care enough to not throw up on the carpet? It's pretty amazing when I think about it. We always say that Jessie is a horrible security dog because he would lick the intruder and nothing else. But he amazed us last night as we were sitting around the dinner table. All of us were accounted for, so it surprised Jessie when someone (that someone being Alika) walked through the door without knocking or ringing the doorbell. He instantly let out a bark. Jessie does not bark. I've heard him bark maybe once. Kulani and I just looked at each other stunned. Maybe he's a good guard dog afterall.

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