Friday, February 1, 2008

Funny Things Said By Friends or Family Around Our Dinner Table

"I grew up in Preston, Idaho, and I worked in the little town grocery store. Once this lady came up to me asking me where she could find Ricotta. I didn't know what Ricotta was, so I asked her to describe it to me. She said it's a type of cheese and you use it in lasagna. I was thinking, 'Lady, this is Preston, Idaho. Use cottage cheese like the rest of us.'" -- Brent Hulme

When I think of more, I'll post them here.


Amo said...

I just made lasagna tonight -- and proudly used cottage cheese!

MarySquare said...

Hey, I made lasagna last night too! And this same issue came up, our dinner guests asked, did you use Ricotta cheese, and I said, heck no, I didn't even know Ricotta cheese existed till I went to college! Great Christenson minds must think alike.