Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Whimsy

April is a busy time around our house. Mine and Kulani's birthdays are both in April, as is our wedding anniversary. I'm one year closer to my goal of hitting 100 years old. I just know that if I can hold on until 100, I may be invited to the White House to get my picture taken with all the other people born in 1976 for the country's tricentennial. If my mind is gone by then due to Alzheimer's, will someone please nominate me on my behalf?

I love having a birthday. I don't care if I get presents, but I just love getting older. Thank you to all who sent me a birthday greeting or called or sent a card. I am very much appreciated. My little Lilia made me a nice gift with the following inside:

She said it's a picture of me and her shopping for flour (notice the flower picture on the package). I really like that we're wearing matching outfits in the picture. She can't quite spell yet, but she likes to copy letters. She also included a family movie ticket she created for when it's time for family movie night. Thanks, Lilia! Lissy and Nohea gave me hugs and kisses. Kulani got me a great triathlon bag, and he said I'm also getting new clipless road shoes with daisy socks, but he's saving that for our anniversary. I can't wait! We celebrated my birthday by going to Outback Steakhouse with our best buddies Lani, Patrick, and Alika. Michelle and Vivian also showed up. It was a great night with family and friends.

My mom has started a tradition of giving us $2 bills for each year we've been alive. So this year, I got 32 $2 bills. She always includes a poem with the money, and each year so far, the poem has changed. The poem this year is as follows:

Eyes and ears and socks and gloves,
Lips and hands and turtle-doves,
Feet and shoulders, cheeks and shoes
All these things come grouped in two's.

Our birthday wishes come that way.
Two hearts that love you want to say
We think you're great! Just Super Dandy!
Better than gold or chocolate candy.
We hope this year's a special one,
Filled with joy and lots of fun.

Our gift to you won't come as news.
By now, you should expect the two's $
And with the bucks come love and kisses
From your Idaho Patriarch and his Mrs.

My affection for my parents grows every year. I pretty much think they're just about the most perfect parents ever. My mom is always so cheerful and positive, and my dad is just a great listener and just great. My one birthday wish is that I can provide the same love and care for my kids as they did for me.


go mom go said...

What great parents! I wish I would have known it was your birthday.
By the way, if I'm still around, I'll nominate you. Maybe I'll nominate you for mother of the year in the meantime.

MarySquare said...

C-ster. This is a great birthday post. Minnie and I tried calling you last night but left a message. I too think our parents are pretty perfect. Each year my affection for them grows.

Lion & Lioness said...

Can I just say, I love your parents. Your mother is so talented. She needs to write a poety book.
I'm sorry that I didnt' know it was your b-day. Happy late Birthday.