Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pine Hollow Biker Gang is back!

Lili learned to ride her bike without training wheels, no training wheels, no training wheels.

A Facebook friend gave me some tips about teaching kids to ride bikes.
  • Lower the seat so that the child can easily touch the pavement.
  • Remove the pedals so they won't impede the child from scootching around with their feet.
  • And remove the training wheels.

For two weeks I had Lili scootch around on her bike. At first, she had no balance. But by the end of two weeks, she could pick her feet up and glide. I added the pedals back on, and seriously within three tries she figured it out.

I need to post a picture of the AMAZIN' dinner Kulani cooked me for Mother's Day: broiled lobster tail, peas, salad, and filet mignon with a shrimp topping. I love you, Sweetie! And as a gift for myself and you, I bought a tool set at the Ace Hardware grand opening, so I will no longer have to borrow your set and leave them out or hidden where you can't find them. It even came with a fashionable tote bag. Tote, tote!


Heats said...

It was fun reading and catching up on your blog! You are a great mom!!! Much better at the captain hook thing - maybe we should trade kids for a couple of weeks so that they can be well diversed with all the talents we each offer?? Yummy dinner! It looks very professional! J made me the most amazing coconut shrimp tacos for dinner! Don't you love cooking hubbies??

MarySquare said...

I made myself corned beef and cabbage for Mother's Day. Not as sexy as Lobster. Maybe we can see the corned beef as a tribute to mothers all over the world who make cheap, not necessarily nutritious, but filling fatty meals.

Hey but I did get a corsage -- I took Minnie to the flower shop and had her order me one.

Team Greer said...

Are you flippin' kidding me? You guys are eating gourmet at you own home?! I feel ashamed ... -cousin Meredith