Monday, November 2, 2009

The Halloween Tradition

While talking with my dad on the phone yesterday he let slip that my mom had a rare "pity party" expressing sadness that she didn't get to see any of her grandchildren dress up for Halloween. My cousin Becky and her kids stopped by their house, and it made her yearn to see her own grandchildren.

Well, never fear, Grandma C.! Here are the pictures from our traditional Halloween.

Lilia and Lissy snarling over the candy snake given to us by the Hornes atop a piece of tasty Texas sheet cake.

Lissy: Cinderella.
Nono: Dinosaur.
Lilia: Dorothy.

Another view of the monster.

Displaying the loot. Candied popcorn balls, are you kidding me? Only from the amazing James family (they left out the razor blades .... this time).

The customary jack-o-lantern pizza.

And then we watched a scary movie: The Proposal. It didn't look like Sandra Bullock would get her man, but in the end, she did. Belated spoiler alert.

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Amo said...

I wonder if Mom would miss them so much if she had to see the aftermath of Halloween, i.e., kids bouncing off the walls from the candy high. Now maybe I give my kids too much freedom, but usually I let them eat as much as they want and then throw away whatever they turn up their noses to (or eat it myself). This year, there was no stopping them. Each of them ended up with an entire grocery bag full of candy -- and they ate so much over Saturday and Sunday that Ty went into a candy coma. Sunday night he literally just passed out on the floor at about 9:00 p.m. and didn't wake up until 7:00 this morning. THAT NEVER HAPPENS, that's why I know he was in a candy coma. I decided I better try to be a good parent and hide all the candy from the kids last night. Ty woke up madder than a mad hatter because he couldn't find the candy. I'm just glad I got to go to work and avoid him the rest of the day! Mom, next year, you are welcome to have my kids for the Halloween weekend. Just be sure to detox them before they come home.