Sunday, January 9, 2011

Study: Sisters AREN'T Blisters

Check it out, yo: According to a new BYU study, we'd be worse off without sisters. We'd be worse off without our brothers, too, but we'd be even worse off without our sisters.

I had four fantastic sisters. From time to time I would borrow their clothes, and from time to time I would get stains on their clothes, and from time to time they would get upset with me, and from time to time I acted as though I didn't care. I wasn't always the best sister.

But now my girls have each other to lean on, borrow clothes, laugh over incredibly silly jokes, cry over lost loves, support one another, and generally be better off having one another.
To sisters!

Sisters before their dance recital.

Sisters in their new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Sisters climbing Grandma and Grandpa's tree in Blanding.

Sisters with our mom on a bench last summer in Lafayette, Indiana.


Kim said...

I love my sisters too and I love that my daughters have each other.
Cute post!

Chelsea Anne Lorimer said...

You are such an incredible writer! I love my sisters now, not back then. so for the FCC I was searching website names, fcc is taken, but i thought 'eightcourses' might work and it's available.

Amo said...

To this day, if I have a stain on my clothes, particularly if it is directly beneath my chin, right in the center of my chest, I blame it on you. I know you haven't worn my clothes for years, but somehow your stain-creating ability in that spot has been transferred to me! What would we do without our sisters? One of my sisters even let me witness the birth of one of her daughters -- now that is true love of sisterhood. (Don't worry, Cindy, I will never say how it looked down there!)