Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun Pictures from BYU Homecoming

Here are some fun pictures from the last BYU home game:

This is a picture of my sister Amy cheering and my sister-in-law Sherrie thinking, "Why am I at a BYU football game?" Sherrie and Doug met while Doug was in Aggieland in Logan. But they still like to cheer on the Cougars, bless their hearts.

Though it may look differently, this is not a picture of someone soliciting for money to support the Christian Children's Fund. This is my brother-in-law Nathan (married to Amy) holding his son Ty Douglas. Amy and Nate named their two sons after two great BYU quarterbacks: Ty Detmer and Steve Young. We're hoping Ty gets to play for BYU in the future so we can call him "TouchDown" Smedley.

This is the Christenson cousins wearing the blue and pink. From left (hiding) is Austin Christenson, Grace Smedley, MacKenzie Christenson, Lilia Fisher, Sarah Smedley, and Melissa Fisher.

This is the Cougar core of the TT south endzone. From left, Big Fred, Dee, Grandma, and cousin Marjean. Grandma doesn't make it out as much as she used to, so I'm glad I took this picture while I could.

Here's the two parents who started it all: Karen and Norvel Christenson. In their lap is Nohealani Fisher. Since Dad's heart surgery, we pray the Cougars no longer have close games. You especially don't want to be rooting for the other team while sitting near my dad in Cougar stadium. He gets a little ... unruly. He once threw ice and his cup at a bunch of nearby USU fans. Not pretty.

This is Ed and his friend Charlotte. Ed is now a freshman at the Y and dating a lot of the lovely co-eds. I'm not sure if he actually went to the homecoming dance with Charlotte. Ed is my brother, after all. They're not really known for spending a lot of money on dates.

This is my oldest brother Doug and his family, Sherrie (wife), Austin, and MacKenzie. Not pictured are his son Luke and daughter Carly. Doug and family moved to Tremonton in July. Before that, they lived in Gardnerville, NV, for about 12 years. Doug works with ATK helping design rockets, etc. He's an engineer and Sherrie is a hair stylist. I have many fond memories of sitting by Doug at the games. As anyone will tell you, Doug can be the loudest person on earth. We once got tickets in the student section, and Doug refused to sit the whole game. His reasoning: We're in the student section. We should be as loud and obnoxious as possible.

And this is my cutey Nohea and my other cutey buns Kulani. Kulani bought the whole family "Y" shirts. Don't they look similar? Kulani finally got a child that looks like him.

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