Monday, October 1, 2007

Throwing the Baby into the Dish Water

Mother: Thy name is multi-task. In an effort to help mothers everywhere, I'm designing an environmentally friendly and time-saving technique of doing dishes, laundry, and bathing the baby. The solution: the kitchen sink. All can be done in the kitchen sink and all with the same water, but perhaps more Dawn dishwashing detergent added with each new task. As you can see from the above picture, this saved so much time that I also had time to make cookies with my oldest daughter Lilia. Genius.

But seriously, we love our kitchen sink. Nohea is not really bathing in the same water as I washed the dishes in. It's new water, but I'm still using Dawn. My mom bathed us and washed our hair with Dawn when we were growing up, no joke. When we got soap in our eyes, it stung like a son-of-a-gun. I just put a drop of Dawn in for bubbles. She loved it.

We are a bit prideful about our kitchen sink. Our good friend Pete Liddel did an amazing job installing granite countertops in our kitchen. He found this deep sink to also install, which he obtained for a very inexpensive price and passed the savings onto us. We are very grateful to Pete for his workmanship and savings. And we love our deep sink. You can put huge pots in there to clean, big trash can buckets, and even big babies, as shown in the picture.

Here's another great picture of our Nohea bathing:
Lilia wanted me to post two pictures she took last night with her photography skills:
This is Kulani sitting in the living room. He is a floor sitter. Do you have one of those in your family? Kulani prefers sitting on the floor to sitting on the couch or chair.
This is a picture Lilia took of me. Man, do I know how to pose or what? Lilia captured the essence of me: flashing the Mom gangsta sign. You just flash that sign and moms-in-the-know will show up at your doorstep with cookies and dinner. But now that I've shared our secret, I'll be watching my back a little closer. Anyone who tells the moms-in-the-know secrets gets dipped in flour and deep-fat-fried at the nearest tanning salon. Ouchies. I'm not sure I have enough Strawberry Shortcake band-aids to fix that booboo.


MarySquare said...

C-ster, my favorite post so far -- your awesome sense of humor comes through here with the bits about the deep frying tanning salons and bandaids on the booboos.

And, that Nohea is so so cute.

So I'm teaching Minnie Halloween songs and I can't find the lyrics to "I am a witch and my name is Tillie" anywhere. Do you know the full lyrics?

Fish lady, Fish, and Guppies said...

"I am a witch and my name is Tilly,
And I'm going to scare you silly.
Halloween night when the moon is bright,
I'll fly on my broom and come into your room,
You'll be fast asleep and you won't hear a peep,
Close to your bed I will lean near your head,
I'll whisper in your ear so you'll hardly hear,
And I'll say ... BOO!"

MarySquare said...

Okay, good, I had most of it right except for the "close to your bed..." line. After I shout "boo" I cackle like a crazy witch and say, "happy Halloween." That's Minnie's favorite part.

Lynn said...

Does anyone have a source for the music, tape, I think, for Witch Named Tilly?

I have the lyrics and can sing the song, but my students used to love the "scary" music at the beginning of the song.

I did this almost 20 years ago and now am teaching one class of preschoolers once again.