Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Adventures of Undieshead and Polkanuts Girl

Last time we left our two super heroes, Undieshead was in danger of running out of clean underwear do to the evil conivings of No-no the Messtastic. Messtastic had found her top-secret underwear drawer and rubbed her grimey hands all over Undieshead's clean underwear. Then in an effort to ensare Undieshead, she left a trail of clean, unsoiled underwear that led to a devious trap.
"I'm trapped," Undieshead called out, hoping her super-crime fighting sister, Polkanuts Girl, would hear her distress call. "Good thing I always keep a clean pair of undies on my head. This may take a while to escape."

"I have you now, Undieshead," No-no cackled, showing off her toothless, crumb-laden smile.

Just then, Polkanuts girl arrived waving a chocolate ice cream popsicle.

"Messtastic. We meet again. Perhaps you'd like a bite of this delicious, staining popsicle," Polkanuts girl taunted, diverting Messtastic's attention away from Undieshead.

"Chocolate... popsicle. Must have ... chocolate popsicle."

"And look. I'm standing on a newly cleaned, beige carpet," Polkanuts Girl taunted. "I'm sure at least $100 went into the cleaning of this carpet."

Messtastics weakness for all things chocolate smeared into all things clean got the better of her. She reached for the popsicle, only to have Polkanuts Girl feed the chocolate popsicle to her trusty canine sidekick, Jesse Shedder.

"No, no, no. You fools!" Messtastic shouted, as Undieshead and Polkanuts Girl escaped her greasy grip. "I'll find a way to get you both!"


Fish said...

Hopefully we won't remember (or at least be bothered by the stains), but I sure hope the pictures and stories stain my memory with those sweet girls.

Fish said...

I mean that I hope the physical stains don't bother us, but that the memory stains will be happy ones that stick.