Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nursery Musings

I think every Sunday I'll post funny things said or done at nursery by the kids. They all crack me up.
  • For some unknown reason, Julia ran head-on into a closed door. We think she may have been trying to catch a bubble during the bubble-blowing portion of nursery.

  • Brooklyn decided to dance to all the songs today during singing time. So we just turned it into dance time for everyone.

  • Bennett sang "HOORAY" for every verse of "If You're Happy and You Know It." It usually starts with clap hands, stomp feet, then shout "HOORAY." Bennett got right to the good part. Bennett also wanted to go potty like Kylie did, so he sat on the toilet with his pants and diaper still on, then he washed his hands. Way to go, Bennett!

  • Addie was the leader during follow the leader, but we were walking in a circle, and she kept getting frustrated that everyone was in front of her.

  • Someone made a spider out of claydough, so I asked the kids what sound do spiders make? Kylie and Bennett started a "roaring" contest, where one would try to out-roar the other one. Meanwhile, Sarah leans over to Kulani and whispers, "Spiders talk like this."


real? said...

This is great! I'm the music leader so I get to be there too for a little while. Sounds like you guys are surviving. Any ideas for when none of the kids sing?

Morkthefied said...

Real, I'm not sure who you are, even after going out to your blog, but I decided after the first week that I wouldn't care if the kids sang with me or not, I was going to sing and I was going to like it. Now I think of it more as a performance, as I see the little children's eyes looking at me with this "what are you doing?" look in their eyes. My voice ain't great, but kids don't know any better. To them, I'm Gladys Knight!

Mark, Lindsay, Bennett, and James said...

I LOVE this. I am always so intrigued to know what Bennett does while we are not with him. Hopefully he won't tell any of our family secrets.

Morkthefied said...

I'll try to clean it up, even if he does. Just kidding. Although, I don't think anyone can top the girl in our Sunbeam class we taught six years ago in our Murray ward. The girl ratted our her mother by saying, "My mom's in jail." She was now living with her grandmother, who happened to be the Primary president. Ouch! We also had another 6-year-old girl years and years ago tell us that her mom left her to watch her younger sisters so her mom could go to class. This is when we lived in BYU housing.

Ellen James said...

You are almost making me want to be in nursery! That's a calling that I haven't ever had, nor wanted. But, now with my kids growing up, I think I would love it! I love the postings of funny things the kids do/say...keep it up!