Thursday, May 8, 2008

Television Randomness

As I work from home on my laptop, I have the fortune (misfortune?) of watching a lot of television. TV helps me stay awake when I work early in the morning, and the girls watch a good chunk of it during the day if I have any pressing deadlines, as I've had these past two weeks. I'd like to provide for you a few highlights from the programming I've been watching.

  • Dang that High School Musical! The songs are actually pretty catchy. I'm fond of the Ryan Evans character (Sharpe's brother). The best is watching the girls watch it. They dance to every song, even Nohea. Lilia's favorite part is at the very end when the drama teacher dances with the Wildcats mascot. For some reason, she thinks that's hilarious.
  • Kids' cartoons can be pretty witty and smart. The other day we were watching Arthur. Binky had a bad dream about being chased by a giant purple orange (try to find words that rhyme with purple or orange). He somehow wound up in jail with William Carlos William and a red wheelbarrow (google it if you don't know). He escapes from jail yelling, "Free Verse!"
  • I found myself laughing out loud to My Friends Tigger and Pooh this morning. Tigger had a nasty fall and Pooh asked him if he was all right. Tigger says, "I think so. How many fingers am I holding up" and then he holds up his paw. It took me a second to get how funny that was. The next time I bump my head and somebody asks me if I'm okay, I'm totally using that line.
  • I haven't been able to see The Simpsons movie yet, but we own it and the girls watch it while we're driving around in the BMW (big mormon wagon, er, mini-van). When you hear a movie rather than watch it, it can be much funnier, especially with regards to animated movies. A favorite line from that movie is when Marge and Lisa are jumping out of or onto something (I'm not sure what, since I've only heard the movie). Marge yells, "Geronimo" and Lisa yells, "Sacajawea!" Brother Bear and Happily N'Ever After are also funnier when listening rather than watching.
  • I generally like the teacher movies. You know the genre: a teacher inspires a bunch of misfit teenagers to be better, do better, and smell better. I recently watched Sidney Poitier's To Sir, With Love, with theme song by Lulu. Oh my goodness it was not the best teacher movie. Maybe it had more resonance in its time, but it was just creepy to me. A student of his falls for him, and he doesn't act on it, but during the final dance of the year, he dances with her. He was swinging some pretty smashing moves, baby: proof that white people can't dance, nor can black people whilst in London. For more proof, watch A Hard Day's Night. The English are just not dancers.

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go mom go said...

So funny. I've never heard a minivan called a BMW...loved that! I also love High School Musical. It's a great soundtrack to work out to. You like Ryan? My fave is definitely Corbin.