Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Breaking News: Kulani Changes Poopy Diaper

After putting the older girls to bed last night, I retreated to the basement to log in a few miles of running. Kulani was finishing up his workout on the recumbant bike, so I left Nono to him. Usually, when Nono has a poopy diaper and I'm busy doing something else, I hear Kulani call, "Cindy, Nono is poopy." I stop what I'm doing, and I change her.

It's our division of labor that really plays to each of our strengths. I have a bionic nose that I can shut off completely. I think it was all those years of growing up in southern Idaho and attending a high school that sat downwind from a sugarbeat processing plant. (Note: Processing sugarbeats does not smell like sugar.) Kulani has a bionic nose that allows him to smell pungent odors from miles away. A feature he inherited from his mother.

But last night, Kulani changed her himself. I think it's the first diaper he's changed since Lilia was born. When Lilia was born, Kulani prided himself on being the first to change her diapers, and in fact, he changed most of Lilia's diapers for those first few months of her life.

Despite his gag reaction to all things stinky, he fought it back and changed Nono's diaper. That's my man.

I have found my zen. During the day, the TV is not mine. During the night, the TV is not mine. But when I'm on the treadmill, the TV is mine. And I love TV. It is my drug. Last night I watched a terribly sad episode of Intervention on A&E (which episode isn't sad?). This lady had a really bad case of anorexia. She had two lovely daughters who would beg her every morning to wake up and make them breakfast. She wouldn't wake up. The frustrated father would call her on the phone every morning, and she still wouldn't wake up until around 10 a.m. And then she wouldn't want to make them lunch either. Nor did she interact with them in any way except to tell them to leave her alone. Her oldest daughter had had enough of her, and you could tell from her face how much she disliked and didn't trust her mother.

The girls in the documentary were about my two oldest girls' ages. It was really sad. I couldn't believe someone would get so bad that they would shirk all parenting duties. After that cheerful program was another program about gambling mothers.

Nono slept with us last night, and I would have brought in the other girls too if we had a bigger bed. Sometimes I'm just so glad for the life I have, and the problems that are mine.


Aundrea said...

I'm laughing so hard right now. Kelly stayed home to take care of me because I'm sick...I told him to come look at this post, "it must be a Hawaiian thing!"

go mom go said...

I really needed to read this post today. we've been trying to get Jace to sleep in his bed all night. It's been hard for me because I have spoiled both him and myself. Knowing he would be my last, I cuddled all the time with him...and didn't feel bad for it. He, so sweetly, come to my bed side in the middle of the night and says, "I just want to cuddle with you." How can I turn that down? He knows exactly what heartstring to tug on. It's a reflex thing, I guess. He tugs, I embrace.

just monkeyin' around said...

I'm glad Kulani was up to the task...I remember when my dad watched Rady for me a couple of years ago...My dad took his diaper off and went into the bedroom to get another one...Rady ran into the kitchen and peed on the floor...but if he had a poopy diaper my dad would drive him over to Jan's work and make her change Rady's diaper...what a woose!!!