Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blog for Blog's Sake

What did we do before Facebook? A great family on our street moved to Hawaii (I know, we're all crying for them). They have two girls: one is my Lilia's age and one is junior-high age and was one of my best babysitters. I was thinking what it would be like to leave your circle of friends when in junior high school.

I imagined that if my family were to have moved half the world away while I was in junior high, I would have written notes to all the people I hated telling them to suck on rocks, and I would have written a top-secret love note for the junior high boy I always wanted to hold hands with or slow-dance with, but never had the courage to tell him to his face.

But we can't do that anymore, thank you NOT for that Facebook!

In my day, we would've lost track of everyone and everything. Maybe you'd keep one pen-pal, but probably with time, you'd lose track of him or her as well. You could leave bridges burning because the possibility of running into those people again would have been minimal.

I remember old Oprah episodes where she'd re-unite old high school loves. Neither one had gotten married and pined for the other one for years. Somehow they'd lost track of one another. Oprah would miraculously bring them together with a Journey song playing in the background as they saw each other again for the first time and embraced. Secretly maybe they were thinking, "Good gosh you've let yourself go!"

We won't be seeing episodes like that on the Tyra Banks Show. It's too easy to stay in touch with old friends now. Perhaps there should be a class given to all freshman: why you shouldn't burn bridges in today's world. And anyone who's posted an indecent picture on Facebook could give testimonials. Can I have an amen?


Aundrea said...

I still haven't ventured into Facebook Land:) Kelly just set up a page and I'm trying to decide if I should or not...I think I would be on there way too much:) And, like you said, what if someone finds me that I burned bridges with before? I did it with the full intention of never having to see or speak to them again:)

Leo and Jill said...

I myself like bloggin much better than the whole facebook thing simply because there are all the people who you don't really care about seeing anymore yet they "invite" you to be their friend and for some reason I feel like I have no choice but to agree to it. With a blog you have to know someone who knows someone or something like that. But I am glad I did join facebook because my cousin MARY refuses to get a blog. Therefore I must facebook in order to see her pictures. We must do something about Mary and her refusal to blog!!!