Friday, March 27, 2009


Kulani surprised me with an early birthday present of a new digital camera. I love it! It's an easy-to-use camera that can also take pictures under water. It's a small camera that can easily fit in my pocket, and it takes short films. It has something like 10 megapixels, which is about 7 more than our old digital camera.

Last night he made dinner and watched the girls so I could take the night off. I went to the A.F. Rec Center to swim and cycle. At home, Kulani set up my camera and tested it. Here's a picture he took of the girls in the forts they made in the living room.

I also purchased the BYU alumni directory. "What a sucker!" you're thinking. But actually, it's pretty cool. It contains everyone who has ever graduated from BYU since 1950. Now at my fingertips, I have the street and e-mail address of Elders Dallin H. Oaks (class of '54) and Jeffrey Holland (class of '65).
A "Donald Bluth" is listed, but I'm unsure if it's THE Don Bluth.
Not listed are Steve Young and Aaron Eckhart, but I know they both graduated from the "Y." Chickens!
My sister Amy will be happy to learn that Ty Detmer is living in Austin, TX. He's still married, Amy, and so are you, so don't even think about stalking him.
A Willard Mitt Romney is listed along with an e-mail contact. It says he graduated in '71 with a BA and from Harvard MBA school. The wife listed for him is Ann Lois. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's THAT Mitt Romney.
Another surprising name in the book is a one Norvel G. Christenson. Yes, siblings, he really did graduate. Although, I think it was mom who actually has two degrees from BYU, and one of them is under the name of Norvel G. Christenson.
Another cool feature is each graduate is also listed by city. So, for example, if I'm traveling to Shelley, Idaho, and all the hotel rooms are booked, I just look up the BYU grads living in Shelley, Idaho in the book, and I start calling to see if one of my fellow alums has a spare bedroom we can stay in for the night.
"What up, fellow Cougar? Can we come stay with you?"
Enter to learn, go forth to serve. That's my alma matter's motto as well as mine. So start serving me, fellow Cougs!


Leo and Jill said...

That is pretty cool. Is it wrong to want to see what old flames are up to? Because I totally would do it. (not to have any kind of relationship just check to see if they amounted to anything you know)

Fish said...

I really like the night with the girls. I've got to start working on little activities so they like it more as well.

Amo said...

What is wrong with stalking Ty? Nate understands my devotion to him! I'm headed to Dallas for the big game in September so maybe he'll be there -- or maybe I can make a quick side trip to Austin! Love that Ty!

Heats said...

That is so sweet. Don't you love early b-day presents! Props to Fish for getting a camera. You always know what a blogging wife wants!

go mom go said...

Shelley is only 15 minutes away from me, and yes, I have a room available. So when are coming to visit?
Who the heck are you gonna visit in Shelley anyway?
Ha ha, I know you were just giving an example, but seriously now, When are you coming this way(if ever)?