Sunday, August 5, 2007


I love it when a friend introduces me to their blog. It opens up whole new layers to a person you might otherwise would have never known. So this is my "business card." This site is dedicated to the business of my life: my family. Get to know us a little better. Now for the important part: pictures!

This is our "No-No." She is the newest member of our family. She is also lovingly known as "the Duck." Fish likes to give all his girls a nickname of an animal, and she is a duck. She is off-the-charts on both weight and height. More of her to love. She turned 6 months old today. She gives big smiles first thing in the morning. So far, she may be our only dark-haired one.

This picture best exemplifies our middle child Lissy. If she doesn't want her picture taken, she'll hide behind things like the curtain. You can't make Lissy do anything she doesn't want to do. Potty training has been extremely unsuccessful up to this point. Lissy's personality varies from headstrong to humorous. You never know what your gonna get from day to day. Ask her what her name is and she'll say, "Lissy the toad." She is the toad.

Lili is our oldest. She is affectionately known as "the Bear" because she knew how to growl long before she knew how to talk. She is a people pleaser and easy-going girl. She started swimming lessons this year, and loved it. She has also tried T-ball and ballet, but she hasn't liked those as much. She attends preschool at Deerfield Elementary. She gets frustrated when Mom and Dad don't understand what she's saying, but we're getting better at understanding and she's getting better at talking. She loves to talk.

This is a picture of the whole family taken outside a little restaurant in Waimea, Hawaii (Big Island). We took the trip in June for two reasons: To immerse the whole family in their Hawaiian heritage (Kulani's side), and for Mom and Dad to compete in the Hawaii Half-Ironman. On the way home from our trip, the flight attendants served us Pineapple-Guava drink. My oldest said, "This tastes like Hawaii." Kulani's heart melted into pieces. It may become our yearly vacation spot. Next time we'd like to visit the places Kulani's dad grew up.

So that's us. You'll be hearing more from us. We're noisy neighbors.


kick_n_stun7 said...

Yo Cindster-

This is Nate. We have a common aquantiance -- Carol Channing!

The blog looks great! What do you think it would take to get one up and running for the whole Christenson Family? How much does it cost?

Fish lady said...

Nate, these things are free! Just go to and find out more. Sometimes you get obnoxious "spam" posters, though. I think a Christenson one would be great, but I've got my fingers on too many pots right now to start one. Maybe we could Hetty to do it. And remember, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

Gma C said...

This is my first post on a blog. (Why does the term "blog" remind me of ugly fat?") Cindy, this is great. I am going to have to bring Gpa C into the electronic age--a formidable task. I think we should have a grab boil at the next Christenson reunion--but only with Idaho spuds--the red kind. Dad might like you to throw a trout in the pot. What do you think?

MarySquare said...

Hey you all, remember I tried starting a family blog four years ago, Christenson Family Folklore? It petered out after a while.

Fish lady said...

Mary, Is your name Mary Squarey? Hee, hee. Sorry about the petered out blog, but start a new one with just your family or just you or whatever. This makes it easier for me to see what's going on in your life.

MarySquare said...

Cindy, seriously, do you want to read a blog about my life right now? -- maybe I will do a book and movie review one, with snippets about my life and my obsession with Dave Ramsey and personal finance?

Fish lady said...

Okay, I love the idea of a Dave Ramsey support blog with fellow family members. I guess we could also include a calorie counting blog. The blog where we count things in order to be skinnier and richer. How does that sound?