Monday, August 13, 2007

McEuen Family Reunion '07

Every other year since 1982, my mother's family--the McEuen's--get together for a 3-day reunion. As I get older, this reunion gets better and better for me. My mother has three other siblings, and they rotate taking turns for the family reunion. My mom's dad was an engineer in southern California for Grumman aeronautical. Because of his good 401-K plan and also because of my grandma's nice penchant from the state of California (she worked at the DMV for 22 years), my grandma has a nice little retirement nest. Grandpa died in 1993, but before he died, he took the whole family to Disneyland. And my grandma likes to treat us all during the reunion, and this year was no different. Uncle Pat and Aunt Vivi (from Redding, CA) were in charge of the festivities this time. They did an excellent job. On Friday night, we ate a nice dinner in the Skyroom at BYU. I've always wanted to eat there, but never got the chance while at BYU. It's a beautiful place with windows that look out to Y mountain. We also had greeting games, which turned out to be so much fun. I always start out greeting games with anxiety, but by the end, I was approaching relatives left and right with questions like, "Can you swim a mile?" Then if they could, I cross them off on my bingo chart. You know the drill. There was also a talent show that night. I was able to get my 4-year-old to dance her one-minute hula dance. Very proud moment for her ol' mom. I was amazed at some of my relatives' talents. The next day we went to Lagoon and then rented out the Davis Aquatic Center all for our family later that night. All the food was also provided. The next day was Sunday, so we saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast early in the morning, then had Swedish pancakes (Uncle Pat's specialty) afterwards. If you're keeping track, all of those activities equal lots of money, but kind Grandma (and I'm guessing Uncle Pat and Aunt Vivi) footed the bill for everything. It was so nice! Muchos appreciated. But even if we didn't have the money to do all of those fun activities, just being together and talking would have been almost as great. I love visiting with my family. The turn out was really good. All of my Aunt Kathy's kids made it. All of my Uncle Fred's kids made it. All but one of my Uncle Pat's kids made it. And all but one of my mom's kids made it.

I've always been very connected to family. I'm grateful to have a little family of my own, too. And being a parent is probably the most joyful thing I've ever done. It's especially great sharing the responsibilities with Kulani.


MarySquare said...

So were Scott and I the only missing grand kids? What were some of the other talents on display? Did Dad do the Norvak routine?

Fish lady, Fish, and Guppies said...

Geridan sang and played the piano. I don't know who sings the song, but it was: "You don't know me, but you don't even care..." Sound familiar? You and Scott were the only ones not there. Ashley sang a portion of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Kelsie did a small cheerleading routine. Sarah Smed. played piano. One of Danny's step-daughters did a cup-stacking routine. We ran out of time before we could get the Karaoke going.

Fish lady, Fish, and Guppies said...

And when I said I was "amazed" at the talent, perhaps I didn't really mean amazed, amazed. You know what I'm saying. Oh, and Kathy's 3-year-old Hailie sang the Sleeping Beauty song, only she changed the tense: "If I know me, I know what I'd do. I'd love me at once, the way I did once upon a dream." So funny!

MarySquare said...

Speaking of Sleeping Beauty, I have yet to show Minnie a single Disney movie. I know the babysitter has shown her daughter Cinderella while Minnie was there but she didn't seem too interested. Min is already completely fascinated with make-up, pretty girls, dresses, etc -- don't want to add fuel to that fire. We're still in Curious George and The Wiggles territory.

Amo said...

The talent was amazing -- no famiy could equal it! Seriously, I thought it was terrific. Who needs the Osmonds when we can have our own brand of talent?! Mary, we missed you!

As for Disney shows, Ty was sick with strep a few weeks ago and I stayed home from church with him one day. We watched Cars at least 4 times. He is obsessed with all things cars, not just the movie, all cars, but Cars is his favorite thing to watch when sick. That and 'Tubbies. Why do my kids like that show? He also likes all Choo-Choo shows, even documentaries. Stevie could care less about TV except when we watch the choir and he can point at the TV and yell "Daddy!" Of course, the girls are addicted to Disney channel and made us tivo HSM2 (that's High School Musical 2 for the unitiated) while we were in South Dakota on vacation. We got home a few hours ago and they are watching it now. Oh well.

Erica said...

I'm the genealogist for a McEuen Family Association. I can tell from some of the names you mention in your reunion account that your McEuen family is part of our McEuen family. I would love to hear from you to fill in another generation (or two!) of your line. My info ends with your parents generation. I have your grandparents, Gorden Frederick and Helen Fern Johnson McEuen, and 4 children: Kathleen, Karen, Pat (and Vivi) and G. Fred.
Erica Wolfe Burke