Monday, April 20, 2009

Alika's wedding

The beloved Alika, Kulani's nephew, and his sweetheart Brittney were married in the Mount Timpanogos Temple on a very snowy day. The famed George D. Durrant officiated the ceremony. He gave poignant and sweet advice to the young couple. Possibly the best wedding I've ever attended. Brother Durrant was in Kulani and my ward when we were first married, and he is easily one of the best humans I've ever met. I didn't get a photo of them in their official wedding get up because it was too snowy and cold!

Afterwards, Kulani and his siblings prepared an AMAZING meal for all of Alika and Brittney's family and friends at Mahana's new house in Provo. Here are some photos:

This is one of the centerpieces Kehaulani created. So cute! She did a great job. Alika and Brittney met at BYU-Hawaii. Britney is from Wyoming and Alika is from Blanding. After the dinner, Kehaulani gave all the granddaughters the centerpieces, as well as a beach towel.

Kulani manning the grill for the garlic shrimp.

Here was the main table for the bride and groom and their parents.

What up, bruddahs! Hekili and Kanaue throwing the shakah your way.

Grandpa getting a plate full of love. Grandpa was loving it the most. He loved seeing all his kids working together creating great Hawaiian food. He was in heaven.

All the Fisher siblings contributed to the wedding feast. It was like the Justice League coming together. The food was AMAZING! They fed about 170 people, with tons of leftovers.


Emily Flake P. said...

George Durrant was my dad's mission president, so we love him too :)

Morkthefied said...

I think George Durrant should be a conversation piece starter for anyone who has lived around Provo or attended BYU. The question should be, "How do you know George Durrant?" I think everyone has a story about Grandpa George.

Amo said...

I love Brother Durrant. He was my boyfriend's bishop my freshmen year and I'm pretty sure the only reason he went on a mission was to please Brother Durrant. Considering he met his wife on his mission, I'm pretty sure he's glad he went (as am I since I met Nathan on mine!). We often went to home evening at his house and we loved it -- Bishop Durrant was so kind. In any event, I also had Brother Durrant for missionary prep at BYU. The class had something like 150 kids in it and he learned everyone's names -- amazing. I loved how he always said "Best day so far" in response to your question about how he was doing. I also liked how he would say how much better he felt when wearing his navy blue suit. I sometimes wear my favorite suit on stressful days just to feel the same way.