Monday, April 20, 2009

Fisherstyle Recap Reduxed

It was Spring Break last week, which wasn't much fun for the kids, because we mostly helped out with Alika's wedding and it snowed a ton, so we stayed indoors.

So on Friday and Saturday, I wanted to do something fun with the girls. On Friday, Lilia went to work with her dad. Here's a picture of her eating breakfast before heading out for her big day as Dad's secretary/helper.

Then on Friday night we went swimming at the girl's favorite swimming pool: The Lehi Legacy Center. It's better than our American Fork Rec Center in the winter because it has an indoor water slide and a toddler area, as well as a big bucket that pours out every 15 minutes or so. The girls love that. It's as great as Seven Peaks to them.

On Saturday I did some yard work, and then we went swimming again, but at the A.F. pool because we have a pass. Then we went to the Sticky Shoe dollar theater in A.F. We watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The girls loved it. Nohea actually stayed in my lap for the whole movie, but not without some help from me. I had to keep her distracted by lots of face snuggling, tickling, and coddling. That's why we always go to the Sticky Shoe, which is what the locals call it. It's pretty old and run-down, and people who generally go are families who tolerate squaking babies better than if we went to a full-priced theater or the dollar theaters frequented by college students.

Sunday Kulani played Fisher Test Kitchen. He made a new taste sensation he adapted from Bon Appetit. It was a coconut curry shrimp dish, and it was heavenly. Here's a picture:

We had Maren and Racer over. We also made garlic steak and shrimp.

The following are some more random pictures. We invited over our old neighbor's family for Easter dinner and egghunt.

And Kulani and I turned a year older last week. My angel neighbor Ellen brought me these amazing chocolate cake bites from a new bakery she found in Provo.


just monkeyin' around said...

Cindy...all this yummy food you post on here makes me so hungry:)

go mom go said...

Mmm! I'm craving V's chocolates right now. The dipped strawberries and raspberries!