Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Bear

This is the first in a three-part series of some of my favorite memories of the little ones, and about some of my impressions of them at this point in their lives. As Cindy has noted, I've applied an alternate name to each of my kids. These names just kind of came to me while the children were babies and they've stuck. Lilia is the Bear. Lissy is the Toad. Nono started out as the duck - perhaps a hurried application influenced by Ze Frank and his fascination with ducks - but her name has been more fittingly revised to the Bug. So it's Lili Bear, Lissy Toad, and Nono Bug.

Lilia joined the family during my third year of law school. She was an angel at the hospital, but got cholic (sp) and cried off and on for nearly six weeks straight. It was something like three hours of silence followed by an hour of crying. We were both zombies in short order. After Cindy's maternity ran out, I arranged my schedule to watch her in the morning while Cindy worked. We had a routine of several songs we'd sing after she woke up - they included such favorites as "Down by the Station" and "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock." Because of the time we spent together while she was an infant, Lilia and I have always been close.

Lilia is tough. More than once she's been standing next to me only to have me step on her foot. Rather than cry at what is obviously painful, she'll often simply rub her foot for a few seconds and then carry on. We've always dragged Lilia every where we go - dinner, movies, crabbing, running, etc. Because of that, she's usually up for pretty much anything is a trooper when it comes to travel.

Along similar lines, she has widely-varying food tastes. Her current favorites include crab, steak, and sushi in that order. She likes McDonald's, but not necessarily for the food. Currently spicy stuff isn't her favorite.

Lilia has always been concerned about the entire family being together and taking part in whatever it is that's going on. A family favorite is the dance-dance party in which we all go down stairs, crank up some tunes, and dance together until everyone is exhausted. She's also a big fan of playing movie theatre at home. She and Lissy make tickets, distribute them, then collect them.

Lilia is also a born helper. Previously she loved to clean - wiping everything down in sight. She's starting to back off of that one. As part of that, sometimes I worry about her desire to please. Sometimes she'll not state her preferences or back off when either it's something we won't allow or that we're not really into. We're trying to get her to stand by her ideas, even if they aren't popular. We'll see how that works.

So right now, the Bear is my snuggler and Mom's right hand. I hope she'll always be my little girl and look with apprehension to her teenage years. Cindy assures me that all teenage girls hate their dads as teenagers. We'll have to see.


Morkthefied said...

K, I think we've discussed this into the ground, but I no longer think teenage girls must dislike their fathers. In fact, most of my friends from high school will admit their fathers are their heroes. I'm sure it will be the same for you, especially when you give in and let them go to Build-a-Bear. You softy! Now, I've got to return to my 8-hour nap, as Melissa ratted me out recently.

Mr. Flynn said...

I don't think it is predestined that there must be a bad relationship during the teenage years. At least I hope not. I like my little dudes, hate to see things change too drastically. By the way, we are all thinking that #3 is another dude. We may need to work out a swap occassionally with you guys. If it is a boy, I am done. I am not going for a 4th boy.