Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Bug

So this is the final in my three-part kid update from my perspective. My first thoughts of Nono is that she is the most daring of our children. I hate to use comparisons to describe our children, but I can't help it on this one. Lilia and Lissy just seemed to know to stay away from the edge - like the edge of beds, couches, etc. Nono has no fear of that. She heads for the edge with reckless abandon and many a time we catch her just as she's going over. She's also fearless of the cat. Nono's desire to hold the cat far outstrips the pain the cat inflicts with his biting. The cat doesn't bite hard enough to break skin, but certainly put enough on it to make his point. Nono remains undeterred. The cat will swipe at her a couple of times to keep her away, but she just makes a full frontal attack and pulls the cat in.

Nono loves Alika. The first time he came to the house when he came up to school, Nono was in a foul mood. She was upset with mom and apparently I had nothing to offer. Alika came in and started talking to her and she stopped crying. He picked her up and she started smiling. They've got along famously ever since. Alika had been stopping by with some regularity since his job at Cabela's already had him in the neighborhood. The Cabela's thing is coming to an end, but calculus is rough, so Alika still comes by. During those times, Nono and Alika have taken turns comforting each other. When he's down, she can tell and will snuggle in. When she's down, he picks her up and carries her around.

It seems that the Bug has always just been one of the girls. She gets right in and joins in with whatever we're doing. She's the same with conversations, adding in her babble. Nono and I have our standard greetings that involve a head bonk and a kiss. When she's in her car seat or just doesn't want to leave mom (but still wants to talk to me) we have an interchange - I say Nono Bugs - she responds with Daddy. Or she calls me, and I respond. She's a lot of fun and a great little sister.

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Morkthefied said...

Nohea is the "fairness police." If all the girls get a sucker from the bank or the dry cleaners, she makes loud noises that basically explain her ill temper in not also getting a sucker. I'm sure she will always be the one to call foul if things aren't "fair."