Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Toad

Lissy is my sweet, strong-willed second child. She has big, beautiful eyes that are a reflection of her mood. When she's happy, they light up her face. When she's sad, or wants you to think she's sad, her eyes are baleful.

Her facial features and hair come from Cindy's side. Her body shape is more like mine. Cindy assures me that she has my temperment. Which might be why we clash sometimes.

Some of Lissy's favorite activities right now include dancing. She was recently fond of saying, "I've got the moves!", which I think is from a Disney movie. She'll spend time developing her moves and then show them to me. Some of my favorites include the elevated running man - she suspends herself between two chairs and then churns her legs furiously. Her latest move is the classic high-school dance move that includes stepping one foot in front of the other in succession. She also likes to do the "Get your head in the game" with Lilia.

She's also very fond of watching movies and playing the role of a princess. Her favorite princess is Cinderella and is the doll she wanted for Christmas. Some of my favorite memories with Lissy involves movies. Often on Sunday afternoon or on weekend nights she'll approach me and with her sweet, slightly nasally voice, she'll ask if I'll watch a movie with her. We'll start and then lay down on the bed and she'll snuggle in. Then she helps me understand the movie by narrating it, including which toys if any she has related to the movie and whether she's seen the movie at other childrens' homes.

Lissy's food choices are varied. Like many kids, she loves mac 'n cheese at any time. She also is a big fan of peanut butter and jelly. Not so amazing, I know. What is amazing is that some of her favorites include sushi and especially salmon nigiri and crab. She can take or leave steak and hamburgers, but loves vegetables and especially edamame, brocolli, and brussel sprouts (in that order). If you leave a can of capers where she can get to them she will (and has on more than one occasion) eat most of the rest of the bottle.

For a good part of her infancy Lissy simply refused to have anything to do with me. She preferred her mother first, strangers next, loneliness third, and me a distant last. We've since worked through that, but still have a hard time making it all the way through a Daddy-Daughter date with just the two of us. She decided I had some usefulness when she discovered at the age of about two that I could rub her knees in a way that she liked. You've got to start somewhere, right.

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Morkthefied said...

So funny! I would have forgetten all of this if you hadn't have written it down. Oh, and let's not forget Melissa's two most memorable lines: "I don't WANT eyes!" and "I don't WANT to be born!" Oh, Lissy...