Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't bug me, I'm sleeping.

So recently Melissa ratted me out. She told Kulani that her bear's daddy goes to work while her bear's mommy can sleep. So now Kulani thinks I sleep all day while he's at work. Yes, I'm guilty of taking a one-hour or maybe (on rare occasion, I promise) a two-hour nap here and there, but it's not an everyday occurance. And when I'm napping, I make sure to lock the door and let the girls run around and dirty up the house and basically do whatever they want. I hope I'm not as bad as Lisa Simpson in the futuristic Simpsons episode where she marries Nelson and her dozen or so kids are all running around, while she's lying on the sofa yelling, "Quit it! Quit it! Momma's watching her stories." Unless Dr. Phil counts as a "story" ...

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