Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie Premiere Weekend

So we've been waiting with baited breath for this weekend's premiere of a highly anticipated movie everyone wants to see. It took some doing, but we managed to secure four tickets to the 2 p.m. Saturday showing of ... Mama Mia!
To say Kulani took one for the team is putting it mildly. There were probably eight guys in the whole theater, and the rest were screaming, raving women. But me and the girls loved it. Lilia was dancing in her seat to every song. She told me she "LOVED" the movie.
If you're an ABBA fan, you will love Mama Mia. It was a super fun movie. It reminded me of how much I loved musicals growing up, especially Grease. This is my new Grease. And though his singing kind of stunk, Pierce Bronsnan still has huge chemistry. One thing I really liked about the movie is that the people looked real. The lead girl wasn't some waif--she was kind-of homely, but in a pretty way. And Meryl Streep has definitely aged, but she's aged in a good, natural way. I've never seen the stage production, but it was pretty masterful how all the ABBA songs fit into the story line like a well-fitted glove (if the glove don't fit, you must acquit). And the filming and scenery were beautiful. I'd like my next vacation to be to a secluded Greek island. Could you take that one for the team, Kulani? Thanks for the fun afternoon sitting through this musical with your girls, and I know you loathe musicals. I tried to repay the favor by watching your UFC last night. I didn't stay awake for too long, but I tried to look interested.

* Note to sisters: Amy wants us to all go up to Idaho for the Cassia County Fair, then take a girls' night out to see Mama Mia. If it's in the cards, plan for it.


go mom go said...

Try UFC live. I didn't like watching ultimate fighting until I went to a live event. It's much better in person. You're able to hear the punches landing.

Thanks for the movie review. It was one I wasn't sure about, but now that I hear your review, I definitely want to go.

Lion & Lioness said...

If I am invited please count me in. I will be there for the fair. Never miss it.

Mr. Flynn said...

I see that God knew that I could not handle such girly things so he sent me boys. He knew that Bridget and her easy-going nature could also handle them (despite her occasional complaining). It takes a better man than I to deal with all the girly stuff all of the time and there was probably a reason why you have all girls and I have all boys. Good job man, good job.

Still I have to brag--my movies out revolve around shows like Kung Fu Panda instead of Mama Mia--I count myself lucky indeed.

Morkthefied said...

Jill, you are of course welcome to come! Anyone who still loves The Pirate Movie will surely love Mama Mia.

GMG, I secretly don't mind UFC. Would I watch it on my own? Probably not, but I like watching it with Kulani. I'm easy (but not in THAT way, you know). I think Kulani would love it if I repaid him for Mama Mia by suggesting we go to Vegas for a live UFC fight, followed by a dinner at a 5-star restaurant. I think I just figured out his next amazingly awesome birthday present.

MarySquare said...

Yes, Amy has already contacted me about Mama Mia. And heck yes I'm going to the Fair. I'm already planning all of my meals to be eaten at there. I will be attending my high school reunion that night so we might have to go to a Saturday matinée.

Kulani is a good man -- Hans said he would rather die die die than see that movie. He doesn't mind Abba, and he enjoys a romantic comedies and even some musicals, but just seeing the trailer for Mama Mia almost sent him into a diabetic coma.