Monday, July 21, 2008

Nursery Happenings

This one won't be too long, but it was a funny day in the nursery. I can't remember everything that went down, but I do remember laughing at some of the things that were said. The best, however, was seeing Josh come out of the bathroom with his pants on backwards. He looked like those pictures you sometimes see (that really make me gag, but when you see it in real life, it's another story) of a little boy trying on his dad's clothes. A big shout out goes to little Cannon, who usually cries non-stop and we are forced to get his parents. But today, though he cried some, he still managed to soldier on and he stayed nearly the entire time without his parents intervening. Way to go, Cannon!

And a little side note: I really don't think getting the kids to come in at 12 months will help squelch the crying. This is up for discussion amongst my blog readers, but we often hear parents wishing children could go to nursery at 12 months instead of waiting until 18 months when the seperation anxiety sets in. We've had children who started out really good when they first enter nursery, but within months, they start crying. There's no rhyme or reason why some kids cry and some don't. We've seen kids who go to daycare during the week cry when left in nursery. We've seen kids who never leave their mom's side do great when left in nursery, and vice versa. I've even seen children whose parents are going through a difficult time do fairly well when left in nursery. They might need more hugs and holding, but they do pretty well. I can't figure it out. I wish there was some magic phrase we could say to children so they wouldn't cry, but there isn't. Like many things in life, you just cope with it.


MarySquare said...

Ah, nursery! We were once nursery leaders for a year or two so I feel qualified to comment. Like you, I feel there is no rhyme or reason to why kids get freaked out in nursery. Minnie had always LOVED nursery, then around Christmas time this year, she started acting like she didn't want to go. It's hit and miss.

My poor friend though, when she tries to take her kid to nursery and leave him there, he goes bizerk in ways I have never seen. Like full out afraid he will be slaughtered crying. She has to stay in nursery with him the whole time. If she stays, he's fine, if she goes -- all hell breaks loose.

just monkeyin' around said...

You brave souls who are in charge of nursery...I guess I was one of the lucky ones, from the first day I took Rady to daycare and to nursery, he walked right in never looked back never said "bye mom"...but then again, there have been times when I picked him up and the nursery leader had that look on her face like thank goodness you're here for him...Rady can get a little hyper sometimes, and people wonder why I take naps once in awhile...but that's just my son, he has a personality all his own and we love him...all kids adjust to different things in their own time...Cindy you are superwoman with a great sense of humor!!!

mariann said...

You have to go to my blog and click on Tonya and Brads blog. They recorded my nephew going to nursery! It is halarious!