Tuesday, July 22, 2008


As we were leaving Mama Mia!, Kulani overheard the following conversation amongst two grown adults:

Woman to man: "All during the movie I could feel you flinching. I know you were thinking, 'I'm missing work for THIS; I took time out to go to the movie with you for THIS!' Thanks a lot for ruining my movie experience!"

I didn't hear the man's response. My comment to Kulani was a) they're either newly married, or (b) they will soon be divorced. I can recall in the recesses of my mind when I would have said something similar to Kulani--you know, in the beginning of our marriage when I was still sooo offended if he didn't like absolutely everything I did. How does anyone survive those early years of marriage, especially if one marries young, naive, and insecure? I'm not holding my marriage up to any gold standard by any means, but I am proud of how I've matured as exemplified by my comments to Kulani on Saturday:

Cindy to Kulani: "I can't believe you are watching this movie with us this weekend, it means so much to me. I know this movie sucks, but you're still here. I know you would rather be in a million other places than here, but here you are nonetheless. I love you!"

It seems to me, and I can be wrong, but a lot of arguments in marriage are the exact same problem, just different sides of the coin. Yes, that lady was annoyed that her husband wasn't enjoying the movie as much as she was, but he was probably annoyed that she strung him along. He's probably thinking, "Why didn't you just have GNO and leave me at home to work?" Next time maybe he'll suggest that to her, and be the perfect dream husband by doing the dishes while she's out with her gal pals. And maybe she'll be the perfect wife by not being "too tired" later that night. Marriage seems so simple on paper--and blogs. That's enough for today, Dr. Phil.

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mariann said...

That is so funny! (Now putting a Dr. Phil hat on)"I think there must be an unsolved problem here. Perhaps she has been angry about him working long hours at work and she carries that into their relationship. Maybe he fell asleep during the movie and that is why she felt him flinch." It cracks me up that people get so mad over silly little things like that.