Monday, July 7, 2008

Pictures of the 4th

My DH (dear husband, okay, last acronym, I promise) forgot to post pictures from the 4th of July in Blanding. I'm kicking myself that I don't have Lilia's dance on camera. She definitely takes after my sweet and spastic dance moves. Think of the dance Napolean does at the end of Napolean Dynamite, then fast forward it. And throw in a finger wave (you know, like you're saying, "uh uh, don't go there, grrl"). That was Lilia. At one point during her dance routine, her 7-year-old cousin turns to me and says, "Can you believe that's your daughter, because she is wonderful!" You should have seen Lilia's face. She was so serious about the whole thing.

Here's Lilia at the start of the kid's fun run the morning of the 4th. She ran a mile and didn't stop the whole time, even though it was kind of hilly. She wanted to stop at one point, but she told herself to keep going.

Here is everyone who participated in the 5K. I was remarkably slow this year. I made it in at 29:38. Three years ago, I did the same race in under 24 minutes. That's what 15 extra pounds will do to you. From left: Koa, Susan, Lilia, Me, Angela, and Makani. Koa was the fastest. Angela is nearly 20 years my senior, and she beat me by three minutes.

Here's a picture of Nohea on the float. Nohea was a pill nearly this entire trip. She wanted me to hold her at all times. Aunt Angela said to Kulani, "I don't want this to go to your head, but she's the cutest baby I've ever seen." Angela, it totally went to our heads. Nohea, don't let it go to yours. Notice the sign on the back of the float. It's a $1 bamboo mat and honest to goodness, the sign was traced in black Sharpie marker at the last minute, and it says, "Stand Up and Be Counted."
This is my nephew Alika and Kuhia driving around in one of Mahana's newest toys. Mahana and Kalei were the superstars of the reunion. They allowed us to trample all over their house; play in their pool; sleep in their bedrooms; and borrow their toys. We thought we would all eat lunch at the 4th of July carnival, but the lines were so long and they moved sooo slowly. Kalei said she'd whip us up some Navajo tacos in no time flat, and they'd be better than the ones we would get at the booths. With the help of Angela and her Navajo bread recipe, it was so true. Big thanks to Mahana and Kalei!

This is another picture of the float. I rode in the very back with Nohea. Kulani road in the truck with the driver. From left: Kelana, Melissa, Meakalia, Kanani, and Madison.

Check out these old-timey games they had at the Fourth of July carnival. this one is called, "Climb the greased poll and if you get to the top to ring the bell, you get $10." This is Madison giving it a go. Right before she got on, the guy re-greased the poll with shortening. She didn't make it to the top.
Here's a picture of our girls with Grandma and Grandpa Fisher. Check out the quintessential hat Grandpa is wearing. That is Grandpa's surveying hat, going around town hat, and riding a camel in the desert hat. It's a very versatile hat. Grandma and Grandpa were the center of the float. they sat under the "tiki hut" we made for them, with the grandkids riding at their feet under the "rainbow."

Makalea and Nohea enjoyed jumping up and down in the stroller together.

Can't wait for the next reunion! And neither can Kulani. He'll grumble and be the hater that he is, but he'll go, feet dragging and me pulling him by his ears.

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