Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crafty Lilia

Lilia, my oldest, is crafty. Seriously. Today she told me her favorite subject in school was "Centers" because then she can do crafts.

I asked, "You like Centers better than P.E.?"
"Yes," she told me.

Must get it from Kulani's side. I have yet to finish a craft project. Every year I sign up for Super Saturday, pay my $20 or so, and then never do I finish a single project. Not a one. The only artsy parts of my side of the family include a penchant for finding all things ridiculous at a garage sale. For example, my mother recently found a set of stuffed monkeys that sing Harry Belafonte's "Day-O." Now that's a talent!

Lilia, however, will write on every scrap of paper we have in the house. Today's drawings were especially good, so I thought I would post them on the blog.

She told me that this was a drawing of a French girl. I think she got the beret just right, don't you? How she knew the French all wear berets, I don't know. (Yes they do, Chrystel, every last frog-lovin' one of you.)
I guess this is a picture of a French boy. He's thinking, "Dad heart" which translates into "I love my dad more than my mom because my mom tends to throw my drawings away," in French.

And this French girl is saying, "Ew like Dad," which is French for "Sheep like Dad."