Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Little Secret

Come closer. Closer. Closer! Just stick your eyes real close to the screen, as I'm going to tell you a secret. Are you seeing? Okay, I love shopping the D.I. Yes, the D.I. Every self-respecting Utah County resident knows all proper nouns begin with the introductory phrase of "the": The BYU, The Store, The D.I.

My latest find was three barstools I desperately needed. We broke two of ours that we'd bought from the Wal-Mart. It was the cheapest barstools Wal-Mart sold, and as such, they didn't last long. What's worse, they were made with this horrible material that would suck the dropped food from my kids' sloppy eating right into the chair, and no amount of cleaning would make them look better.

As it's the holidays, and we have a few parties to host, I needed new barstools. Also being the holidays, I didn't want to spend much money on needs when we have so many wants we need to buy. So I stopped in to the D.I., and like magic, they had four black, leather-bound barstools selling for a mere $12 a piece, half the price of the Wal-Mart stool I bought a few years ago.
New but old

The D.I. is pretty magical. My angel neighbor Martha's sister says the key to the D.I. is praying before you go. She says it works every time. Whenever she needs something, she prays about it, goes to the D.I., and there it is. Interesting hypothesis.
Reminds me of this couple Kulani and I knew when we were first married. The wife wanted to give her husband a special gift in celebration of his finishing school. So every night she prayed that she'd win the Regis and Kathie Lee morning giveaway. She sent in a postcard, and sure enough, one day she got a call from the show. She answered the question correctly and they got a cruise and a new huge television set.
I'm thinking...Vegas anyone? Let's pray about it!


mariann and Tory said...
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mariann and Tory said...

I love going to the DI! I did all of my oldest school shopping there this year and got all the expensive name brands for about $30! Shirts and jeans! It rocked! I will go there on Thursdays to check out little kid pants because my kids go through them with either growth spurts or breaking open the knee. I LOVE the DI!
Your chairs ROCK!

Amo said...

Love the DI - no better place for kid's clothes. I have to say though, I need to try that praying method because they never seem to have the other stuff I need. Of course, it also helps to be able to go to various DIs. Some are better than others. Provo -- no good -- way too many college students sifting through the stuff down there!

Kim said...

Hey- I just sent those to the DI!
I hope we're invited to one of those parties?!?!?

Morkthefied said...

Good one, Kim. I was thinking that the real owner of those barstools might find this blog and be like, "Dang, we shouldn't have given those away."

Am-yo, so right about the Provo D.I. Don't. Bother. Going. But the American Fork D.I. is awesome!

just monkeyin' around said...

I have donated to the provo DI many times, but you only find good stuff once in a blue moon...I did find a good pair of skiis for $3.00!!

Patrick Lindsay said...

That is so freaking funny. Lani and I laughed and laughed.