Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grandma Mac and her inside voice

Grandma McEuen, bless her heart, is hard of hearing and senile. Not the best of combinations. Recently, Grandma fell and broke her pelvis. This has required that she go to a rehabilitation center. We've visited her often these past couple of days, because the rehabilitation center isn't as bright and cheery as her assisted living center.

Because Grandma is hard of hearing, she doesn't really know how to whisper, and she usually kind-of shouts whatever is on her mind. Today while visiting her, a rather rotund woman came walking by her room. Grandma said to me in her new "inside" voice, "That woman is fat." The woman made eye contact with me the same time as Grandma made eye contact with me. I just kind of shrugged my shoulders not wanting to look at either of them. My mom came down to stay a couple of nights with Grandma, and she said the night orderly was also rather large. Every time he came in to check on Grandma, Grandma would say in her not-so-much-of-a-whisper voice, "Here comes Tommy Two-Ton."

Amy will have to tell you about the time her children were sealed to them in the temple and the comment Grandma made. It was pretty embarrassing.


MarySquare said...

That's too good. Were you there for the, "The man doesn't answer." comment at Wayne's play? Comedy gold!

I wish I could be there to go visit G-ma with you.

Still waiting on baby -- not here yet.

go mom go said...

"Throw Mamma From the Train Comes to Mind". Not a huge fan of that show, but I remember mamma's "inside voice". My grandpa is in a nursing home. Talk about embarrassing. He likes to hit on all the nurses. OOOO, and double ooooooooooooooooo!

mariann and Tory said...

That is sooo funny! I took care of Torys great grandma for 3 weeks when his grandma and grandpa went to Hawaii. When they dropped her off they told me, no joke, here is her will and instructions if she dies, don't call us just have her cremated! I was shocked. Then, I got to no his great grandma and I understood! SHe was the devil! Bless her heart!

Amo said...

I can't remember what Grandma said at the kids' sealing. Some racial comment, no doubt. Good ol' grandma!

kstamler said...

I can't wait for the years when I can say whatever I want in a "whisper" voice. I love your blog Cindy!