Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's the thing ...

Do you hate the titled phrase, or do you love it? Like Barack Obama, I'm probably guilty of oversaying the phrase. But it's the phrase I use to relax you, pacify you, then wham you with my incomplete ideological platform.

But here's the thing: I'm not saying one way or the other how I'm voting. But what has been itching away at me, ever since Ben from Chicago brought it up in a conversation many months ago, is why didn't McCain choose Mitt Romney as his running mate? In a word: Mormonism.

As most people know, Mormons tend to vote conservatively, almost exactly along with the Christian right. In other words, they vote Republican (huge generalization, but that's what Political Science is all about). And it's clear from the escallating dialog that Americans were uncomfortable voting for a Mormon, specifically the Republican base made up of Evangelical Christians. Perhaps it was actually that people didn't like Romney, which I can get. I'm not above thinking he was a bit of a flippy-flopper. But part of me thinks it wouldn't matter which Mormon was running for president, he or she would not be electable. My question is, then, where do Mormons fit in? Are we really welcome in the Republican party? Is it time we switch to the Democratic party, but bring the social conservatism views along with us?

At first, Palin seemed like a wise choice for McCain when she showed up to the Republican National Convention with her good looks, cute family, and smacking tone. I wanted to give her a shot. Oh, boy did I. But then she gave those two interviews and, well, maybe you still like her, so I'll be quiet. But what would the election look like now if McCain had chosen Romney instead?

McCain admitted his weak point was the economy; Romney's strong point is the economy. Maybe the poll numbers would still look like they do, but I think it would be closer, maybe even showing McCain with a slight lead.

I know one thing for sure, Romney wouldn't be referring to "average Joe Six-pack," which when I first heard Palin use that phrase I thought up a guy with six-pack abs (yes, I've been in Utah too long). No, Romney would have probably used the phrase "average Peter Priesthood." Now that's a guy I can connect with.


Patrick Lindsay said...

I just love reading your writing!

Mr. Flynn said...

I was a on the bubble until the whole Palin thing. Sorry, those who like her, but I think she was a horrible choice. I can more than handle McCain as President. I like him and I think he would do a good job. I also like Obama. I even gave him a few bucks when he declared that he was running (mostly because I hoped he would defeat Hillary). Anyway, I don't like the thought of her as just a heartbeat away. She drives me nuts.

Mrs. Flynn said...

I thought McCain should have chosen Romney as well. I read in Newsweek how an unamed source that is a McCain top aide said McCain did not pick Romney because he did not like him that he was an opportunist and too smooth. Of course now the major issue is the economy. At least Palin is willing to appear on SNL.