Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pictures of our bike travels in the UC on Saturday

After having the most excellent bike ride of recent memory, Kulani and I were on a quest to make Saturday the best day ever. We nearly succeeded. Here is my picture documentary.

Kulani nearing Bridal Veil Falls:

Wait for me, Speedy!

The leaves are starting to change:

The old Utah saying rings true: If you ever have to go to a store and buy zucchini in late summer/early fall, you need to get to know your neighbors better. Here's a "Share the Bounty" stand in Lindon on 400 East.

Our quest for the perfect day ended early, as Kulani's mom is suffering stroke-like symptoms and is needing round-the-clock care. She and Kulani's dad drove up to Provo to seek some better care than they can offer in small-town Southern Utah. For now they are crashing with the ever kind Kuhia and Susan. I like this picture because it shows Spence, her dog, waiting faithfully outside her room. The dog was beside himself with concern. He would not leave her bedside.

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go mom go said...

You should print and frame that second picture. Gorgeous! The colors are gorgeous, not the back end of your husband. I'm really not hitting on a married man here. Only on your blog...only you would know how to take that!