Monday, November 24, 2008

Home Again

I have much I want to write about concerning the Ironman Arizona event we just returned from this weekend. I will likely break these posts into three parts, to which I'm hoping Kulani will add his version of events to his blog or the family blog.

The parts include:
  • Ironman: Why?
  • Ironman: The Spectator Sport
  • Impressions of Tempe
The weekend was a whirlwind and we're still trying to process it all. The question that first pops up after completing an ultra-distance race is, "Was it worth it?" Kulani will have to answer that for himself, but from the viewpoint of a family supporting an athlete in this endeavor, the answer is: most definitely. We had a great time and made some awesome memories.

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Shannon said...

Congratulations Kulani! How thrilling!