Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lilia Skates to her 6th Birthday

Lilia turned 6 on Saturday. She wanted a Christmas-themed birthday party. At first I suggested ice skating, but then I thought twice about that idea. Learning to ice skate requires serious one-on-one attention, and helping teach four 6-year-olds how to ice skate sounds like a recipe for slush. So then I suggested roller skating. The Classic Skating rink, our local rink, has special skates for first-timers, as well as skooters. Lilia jumped at the idea.
We only invited three friends, so we could fit everyone into my van. My 14-year-old neighbor girl Kyra also came along to assist her little sister Alayna, and she also helped all the other little girls. I took my double stroller and pushed Nono around in it.
Lilia took to skating like a duck to water. By the end of skating, she was even trying out her "moves" on her skates. Melissa had a rough go at first, but after I let her hang onto the stroller, she did great and skated the whole time we were there. Lilia's little friends all did pretty well for their first time skating. It helped that the skating DJ was on his game. Seeing how most of the kids at the rink that day were under 10, he played Disney-friendly songs. We heard Hannah Montana songs, Jonas Brothers, High School Musical, "Who Let the Dogs Out," "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It." As soon as a song would come on, you'd hear the girls say, "I love this song!" My only regret is that I forgot my camera. I promised them I'd take them on cheap night sometime soon. I must film them gettin' jiggy wit it while skating. It's a sight to behold.
After skating we brought the girls back home for cake and ice cream and opened presents. Nono got to the cake while I was getting dressed for the party. Never leave a cake on the counter when your 21-month-old knows how to skootch chairs around, climb on top of the chair, and then scale herself onto the counter.

I drove the girls home afterwards. Later that night, Kulani took the family out for Lilia's favorite food, sushi.
Lilia said it was the "best day ever," but she says that after almost everyday. I was glad to see my love for skating is hereditary. Kulani is a hater of the skating, mostly due to me I'm afraid. I took him ice skating when we were dating. He had never been on a pair of roller skates let alone ice skates, and I had never taught someone how to skate. I did better with the little girls. I gave them the three rules of skating before we set out: 1) When you fall down, and you will fall down, get back up. (2) Bend your knees and lean forward. (3) Have fun.


Fish said...

I guess we're even then, since I made you hate mountain biking. But in my defense, you did actually know how to ride a bike before we went.

just monkeyin' around said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun...I remember a couple years ago when it was Rady's birthday...We lived in a small apartment and I had set Rady's cake on top of the stove because we didn't have much counter space...Rady had just shoved the whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet...while I was upstairs unclogging the toilet, he had climbed up on the kitchen table and reached over and turned one of the stove knobs on med/ the time I got down stairs the cake was in flames...At least Nohea didn't completely destroy your cake:)

MarySquare said...

Oh, Cin, I wish I could have been there. That sounds like the best party ever. I can't believe you have a 6 year old (Happy Birthday Lilia!). Maybe this summer when we come out, we can go skating with our girls, and Eddie can sit in the stroller with Nono.

Campbells said...

Cindy - I love YOUR blog and am going to link it on mine too. This post reminds me of the skating rink in Paul on the way to West Minico. Selena and I were there every other weekend. I loved the turtle races, limbo, the autograph boards where you found out who was "going" with whom. I need to do some more skating. I always wanted to learn how to go backwards, but never could. Ahh good times.