Friday, November 7, 2008

My Time Wastages

I joined Facebook about a year ago. My younger siblings, in their early 20s, were raving about it. They created "a group" for my family called "Descendants of Karen and Norvel." So I joined, and for about a year I had about 10 friends and wondered what all the fuss was about. But the last few months: boom! I now have like 71 friends, and I find more friends nearly everyday. Many old, dear friends who I'd totally lost track with are now found. The only problem is having all these friends takes up a lot of time. But if you know anything about Facebook, you must watch this HI-larious youtube video. And this song about Facebook is pretty catchy.

Yesterday I deep cleaned my house. I found the proper holders for all my loose DVDs that I'd been piling up on my chest of drawers; I did all the laundry so I could match up as many one-sock pairs as I could, so the pile of one-socks isn't on my chest of drawers anymore; I dusted in my bedroom--a chore I hardly ever accomplish; I washed the girls' sheets and the baby's crib sheet. It took me almost all day. Was it worth it? Hardly. I start to get ancy after I start cleaning my house. No matter how much you clean, you see more places that need cleaned: fingerprints on walls, cobwebs in can't-reach corners, the garage, the yard. And worse, I get annoyed by the girls.

"Don't be playing with toys! Keep them in your toy box. What are you doing drawing? Don't be getting out any more pieces of paper. Yes, I love that you drew a picture of me with a heart around it, but don't do it anymore--let's keep it clean!"

And already there are two more loads of laundry to do. What a time waste!

Sleep. Why can't we go without it? Why does my body crave it nightly? I am prone to an afternoon nap. I'll usually put on a cartoon for the girls and say, "Wake me when the cartoon is over." Like pushing snooze in the morning, I'll say to Lissy, "Just 10 more minutes; just 10 more minutes; just 10 more minutes." My power naps turn into serious siestas. Lilia's gone to school, and Nohea usually naps with me, so Lissy is left to her own devices. She's so sweet when she's the oldest at home. Yesterday during my siesta, I woke up when she placed a blanket over my body. I gave her a big squeeze and kiss. How wonderful are children?


Aundrea said...

I just did the whole laundry thing yesterday too. I couldn't believe how my pile of mis-matched socks dwindled:)

Still haven't joined the realms of Facebook...I'm such an old fart.

Ellen James said...

Wow!! You have accomplished a lot! I am almost caught-up on my's been a while for sure. I hate really is never caught-up. My kids are coming home in 3 hours with more dirty clothes! Ugghh!

Those videos are freakin' hilarious! Oh my gosh, you crack me up. Yeah for stopping while the next load is in the dryer. Thanks for the intermission entertainment. I can always count on you to cheer me up.

mariann and Tory said...

My youngest likes to tuck us in. Then she goes a little over board by covering all body parts that are kinda get clasterphobic!

Mark, Lindsay, Bennett, and James said...

I am glad you are a napper as well! Sometimes I get so excited for naps that I can't nap. My free time (my kids nap time) is never spent being productive--I either do my internetting, read a book that does not better me, or I nap. Please don't be productive so that I can feel better about myself.

Campbells said...

I hear ya about the time wastages. I just started facebook and it is so much fun! I got my hubby Joe hooked on it so now we fight over computer time.