Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Home Fries

It's that time of year again when Grandpa Christenson brings us a 50-pound box of Idaho spuds. These are not your ordinary spuds. These are what they call "50 count:" 50 potatoes per 50-pound box. That's right: each potato is about a pound a piece. You can't find them in the grocery stores. You have to have an "insider" to the potato world to get these particular potatoes.

And why are these potatoes so superior? They're great for home fries. The peeling is easier. And now that we have a mandolin, the slicing is easier. Don't waste your money on any of the friers. We've tried a few and they always konk out within a year. Just put the oil in a large pot. A side of ketchup and dinner is served.

Nohea has adopted a new nightly ritual where she skoots the chair around the kitchen and climbs up on the counters. She starts opening the high cabinets looking for heaven-knows what.

Lissy told me yesterday that if she has a boy when she grows up, she's going to name him Jamesy Bear like our neighbors.

Lilia is starting to spell EVERYTHING. Those who have had kindergartners understand this phenomenon.

I also should have never taught the girls the word "funky," as in, "Nohea, you smell funky." They're not so great at pronouncing the "n" part of the word. Please forgive.


mariann and Tory said...

I LOVE having the insider for potatos! You kinda take it for granted when you live up there and you have these MASSIVE potatos! Then you go to the store here and see these rinky dink potatos that we call the babies up there!

Ellen James said...

Thanks a lot. Now I am hungry for home fries. They are my favorites. I grew up with homemade McDonalds EVER for us! :)

Leo and Jill said...

I need to talk to Uncle Norvel about the hook up. I only get the $12 box of apples hook up. Are you planning on attending the Annual Family Festivities? It should be barrels of fun and you are in charge of bringing the fries!!

Kim said...

My nephew can't say his R's very well, making shirt sound a little off. My cousin's daughter has a hard time with C's, they are SH, making city not so pretty! Yours takes the cake though!
Good laugh