Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Look to the cookie!

Feelings are going to be hurt today. One way or the other. I think it's time for temperament and coolness. It will be all right. There is genius in the way the U.S. government was established. Remember after Clinton was elected in '92? Two years later Americans voted for a huge turn around with a Newt Gingrich-led Congress. No need to flee to Canada. I mean, really, Canada? You'd choose hockey and freezing cold over football and seasons? Not me.

There have been some pretty heated debates over this election, and I'm not talking about the candidates.

There was the lady in Michigan who refused candy to trick-or-treaters whose parents support Obama. It kind-of sounded like a funny joke, until I read the lady's comments, and she was dead serious. I think her words were, "Oh well, we all have a choice." I can see her shunning one of her own children who might vote for Obama--but, as she said, we all have a choice. Like the good book says, it's our job to shun others for that choice.

Even more disturbing was the man who hung an effigy of Sarah Palin off his house with a noose around her neck. So she might not make the best interviewer, but what alternative universe is that guy living in that makes that "joke" even remotely funny?

We welcome all friends to our house. Both McCain supporters and Obama supporters. Those for Proposition 8 and those against. Quietly, behind the curtain of the ballot box, I'll vote my conscience. But I won't wear it on my sleeve, and our door is open to all. Let us break bread together. Nothing brings us more together than a nice meal cooked by my sweet husband--unless you're vegetarian. We're still trying to devise a plan on how to include vegetarians. We aren't perfect.

Post script: Please note that the following topics have been deemed "safe" to talk about while visiting our home:

  • Proper foot wear and care
  • Scars inflicted on you/by you during high school gym class
  • Your most embarrassing moment involving a member of the opposite/same sex with whom you had the hots for
  • Winter sports you most enjoy
  • Summer sports you most enjoy
  • H.S. football glory stories
  • BYU football glory stories (Please do NOT mention your affection for the U.)
  • Your glory days in general
  • Why The Office is possibly the best television show ever.
  • The untimely demise of Arrested Development.
  • Small towns verses supposed small towns. Burley is a metropolis compared to Blanding or Why having a Wal-Mart automatically makes you a big town.
  • Triathlon/running stories

More to come.


just monkeyin' around said...

Cindy, do you have any ideas on how I can make Jared a big BYU fan...He keeps teasing about how much he is a fan of the U, but he's from Colorado...I even threatened to make him sleep on the couch if he cheered for those darn Utes...Any ideas??

Morkthefied said...

Going to a BYU game with some die-hard BYU fans may help. Next year we'll get some extra tickets and take your family. Seriously, it changed my life when I was like 10 and doing that for the first time. Die-hard BYU fans really love their team. It's not about hating another team. They know and sing the fight song; they love the sound of the stadium and the band; they love the solemness of it. You'll see, we'll convert him over.

Aundrea said...

Having a Wal-Mart soooo makes you an automatic big town:)

Coming from someone who growing up had to travel an hour and a half to the nearest WalMart, McDonalds, or KMart!

Mr. Flynn said...

Other possible safe topics:

Jogging vs. Running: what it the speed cut off between the two?
Albertos vs. Diegos
tubulars vs clinchers
Are there really any other good superhero characters worth bringing to the screen?
Guacamole recipes.
Diaper changing and other child care horror stories.
Along the same lines, times that you almost didn't or actually didn't make it too the restroom.

kimrennin said...

An appeal by ladies-only nightclub Candy Bar to open until 03:00 has been refused.Westminster Council refused an original application by the Soho nightspot in July 2005.The club decided to appeal, but this week, magistrates sitting at Horseferry Road upheld Westminster Council's decision on the grounds that the bar is located in the council’s stress area and contravenes its licensing policy.

Shannon said...

Well said!

Morkthefied said...

Great comments! I have to weigh in on the jogging verses running debate. When we were growing up, my dad would challenge us to "fast walking" races. You weren't allowed to lift both feet off the ground at the same time. When we'd pass him, he'd always say we had both feet off the ground and we were no longer "fast walking." Remembering my dad "fast walking" like that still makes me laugh.

mariann and Tory said...

I quoted you earlier this week..My english teacher was starting in on politics. I said as my good friend Cindie says"There are some things we can't talk about. Religion, politics, and Opera."
I no I probably slaughtered it but I was pretty proud of my self!

Ellen James said...

When can we come for dinner?