Sunday, January 25, 2009

Embarrassing Moments from Masterpiece Theatre

During law school, Kulani spent his summers at an internship in Portland, Oregon, and I stayed behind in Provo to keep my good job and benefits. We saved little money those summers because I flew up to see him often, and when I'd visit, we really loved going out to eat at all the amazing Portland restaurants and fancied ourselves "billionaires." It was hard being away from Kulani those two summers, but the plus side was, I got full access to the remote control. Whatever I wanted to watch, I watched.

And so I started watching Masterpiece Theater on PBS. Yes, Masterpiece. It wasn't a show I enjoyed when I was younger, but I dubbed one of those summers the "Summer of Cindy." I tried improving my mind and body. I took up running again, and completed a marathon at the end of the summer. I started a book club at my work and read J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. I was becoming a renaissance woman.

So one lonely night as I was watching Masterpiece, a knock came at the door. It was Kulani's good friend Brian dropping something off for Kulani. Just as he stepped into the our small 450-square foot apartment, a scene popped onto the telly that should have remained unseen by visiting company. Honest-to-goodness, it was a nude, sexual scene that you would more readily see on Skinemax or Show-it-all-the-time. Being the small apartment, there was no way of hiding the TV. I grabbed for the remote as fast as I could, but not without my guest seeing my viewing choices for the evening.

I blustery tried explaining it away.

Me: "This is Masterpiece Theater, honestly."

Brian: "Master ... piece?"

Me: "No, really, it's public television. I didn't think they showed this kind of stuff on public television."

Brian: "Public ... television?"

So I tell you that little story to warn you as you are watching Wuthering Heights tonight, as I will be. I haven't watched much Masterpiece since that evening years ago, but having never read nor seen Wuthering Heights, I thought it time I venture down the Masterpiece road again. Last week's first part of Wuthering Heights was awesome! Like a lot of BBC actors, the guy who plays Heathcliff seems mismatched and ugly at first, but he grows on you. He is the ultimate bad boy who girls just can't get enough of. The guy who plays Edgar Linton is an equal match to Heathcliff, but he's kind. Fans of Love Actually will remember his memorable role of the tormented man in love with his best friend's new bride played by Kiera Knightly. Join me, will you, for another rousing episode of Masterpiece Theater.


Emily said...

Hilarious post, Cindy! I could totally see that happening to a fellow Masterpiece fan, ME.

You should definitely READ Wuthering Heights. I haven't watched the PBS version because my dad saw it last week and warned me that it wasn't at all true to the book. So enjoy the show, but be aware that the book will actually be MUCH better :)

Amo said...


PBS is especially bad when they show Swedish films. I swear, everytime I see one hoping I can remember a bit more of my Swedish I end up being astonished by what I see. Then again, that's what all television is like in Sweden, so "when in Rome" or Stockholm.

That's what we said: said...

Hey Cindy it is funny that you posted this because I too caught last week's showing of Wuthering Heights and was a little shocked to see how much they showed during the love scene and even made a comment about it to my hubby as we watched.

I must agree that the actors are pretty hot.