Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's Day Movies to Impress

One of these days I'll get back to making this a proper family centered blog, but currently, my mind is fixated on more important matters: movies. It is my opinion that movies are the one subject you can still have an overstated opinion about and still not hurt other people's feelings. Even music can be a sensitive subject, but with movies, I'm not afraid to boldly state: "I loved Rocky IV as much as Rocky III."

But picture this, ladies: It's Valentine's Day. Your significant other has pawned the kids off on some nice relatives or friends and he's cooked you a special Valentine's Day meal. He sent you away for a little retreat at the spa, and you come home to see him with his dress pants on, white buttoned-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and an apron tied around his waist as he is preparing the last of your dinner. You sit and enjoy your wonderful dinner together, then he invites you over to the couch where he has chosen a movie for you to both enjoy while you snuggle on the couch. He presses play and the intro music starts to play for ... Top Gun? Rambo? Bond?

No. The trick to a great date-night movie is to meet close to the middle. Here is a list of girl-centric movies that guys can still stomach:
  • Say Anything: John Cusack comes across as a real guy's guy, while girls "get" him. Bonus is the great soundtrack you can always expect from a Cameron Crowe-directed movie.
  • Bridget Jones' Diary: The best fight scene between two guys fighting over a girl ... ever. And Colin Firth loving Bridget Jones "just the way she is" all whilst helping her cook in a suit. Don't go near the sequel.
  • The Notebook: This is high on the cheesy meter, but it works. Oh, does it work.
  • Love Actually: There's a lot of stories intertwined in this movie, some very sad, but in the end, it's about the sweet, exciting adventure of falling in love.
  • Notting Hill: The roommate is enough comic relief to keep your man seated next to you during the entire show.

And if it's your turn to make Valentine's Day magical, might I suggest the following guy-centric films that you would actually enjoy:

  • Gladiator: The death of his wife and child sends Russell Crowe into the depths of despair. You know your man couldn't bare living without you.
  • Batman Begins or Batman: The Dark Knight: They're just really good movies, and you get the sense that Rachel is the real reason Batman has become the superhero he is today.
  • Rudy: Though he's never seen it, Kulani claims to hate Rudy. (It's his bias against everything Notre Dame.) But it's a great movie about believing in your dreams when no one else does, and working hard to achieve those goals. Even though there's not much romance, it really gets the heart beating, preparation for things to come (wink, wink).
  • The Count of Monte Cristo: Finding your one true love again after believing he was dead? Forget about it. It's so romantic you'll chew your arm off. Practice the following line now so as not to sound fake: "Babe, I pray I never have to know life without you, because I don't think I would make it."

What are your Valentine's Day movie suggestions?


Mr. Flynn said...

Rocky I and II, then Rocky IV and Rocky Balboa, the Rocky III and finally Rocky V (which needs to be forgotten about)

Say Anything is doable. Can't stomach the Notebook. I remember there being some boobs in Love Actually, but I can't remember much else about the movie--I am not sure if that says more about me or the movie. Notting Hills is my fave out of that section of movies. I have actually watched that when it came on TV by myself.

Rudy is a great story despite the Notre Dame part. Love that movie. I am pretty sure I teared up the first time I saw that. The Batman movies are awesome, but seem a little dark for Valentines day to me. I think Bond is a good suggestion.

I would suggest these for guy-centric movies: Heat, Grosse Point Blank, Scent of a Woman, Big Lebowski, The Magnificent Seven, Die Hard, and Swingers (you're so money and you don't even know it).

MarySquare said...

I should be at church but Eddie is sleeping and I'm loathe to wake him up. We'll make it in time for primary...

So, romantic movies (or movies with a little romance) dudes would like:

One Fine Day
Out of Sight
While You Were Sleeping
Enchanted (come on it's charming!)
Beautiful Girls
Desperado (at least the edited TNT version?)

I'll think on it and more will come...

Morkthefied said...

Mary, good list,especially Out of Sight--fun for girls and boys-- but I don't think too many guys could watch While you Were Sleeping or Enchanted a second time. They might enjoy it enough the first time, but I don't think a second viewing would be as tolerable.

Devin, I challenge you to find five women who would agree to watch Heat, The Magnificent Seven, or Die Hard on Valentine's Day. I do love Swingers.

Mr. Flynn said...

But it was a guy's list...

And maybe the man would be really really greatful afterwards. It might really pay off. Especially if he thought he was going to have to sit through something like the Notebook.

Heat. Yeah, you probably have me on that one. But Die Hard? That one is a good ride. And it has been so long since I watched the Magnificent Seven I can't defend it properly. I may have to sit down and watch it again soon.

MarySquare said...

Hey, one of Hans' favorite rom-com's is While you Were Sleeping and Sleepless in Seattle.

Most recent viewing of a terrible and I mean terrible romantic-comedy = Made of Honor. AWFUL!!!

C.C. Fisher said...

Sorry for responding so late. Blog posts are like newspapers, I like to throw them away after reading.

Okay, Devin, I'll give you Die Hard, but the other two would only be reserved for a woman who is relly wanting to impress you.

Mares, those are good romantic comedies, but Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock really wear thin on my likability meter. But those movies really should be added to the list.