Saturday, January 17, 2009

Movie Minute

Kulani hates the Disney princesses. He thinks the story is usually about a girl who changes herself to like a guy. When I think about it, he's right. You've got Ariel, who gave up her voice and life as she knew it to be with the human prince; all the mermen were not her type. (In my Jewish grandmother voice: "What, you couldn't find a nice merman to settle down with and make grand-guppies for me?") Then there's Cinderella whose tears summoned the netherworlds for a Fairy Godmother to help her get all gussied up to meet the prince. And all the princess stories are so formulaic and unoriginal. But Kulani endures a lot of princess stuff and other Disney cheese for the sake of his girls.

So it was a pleasant surprise last Saturday when we rented Tinkerbell and found it to be original and awesome, even Kulani liked it. It's the story of how Tinkerbell came to be. Her talents point to her being a "tinkerer" which mean she helps build tools to help the other fairies bring in Spring to the mainland. But tinkerers don't get to go to the mainland, they have to stay back in Neverland. So Tinkerbell tries to adapt to the other talents and along the way she finds she is who she is, and she accepts her talents for what they are and that she is as needed in the fairyworld as much as any other fairy.

The animation was also very good. I don't know why Disney didn't release that one in the theaters; much better than High School Musical 3 we saw on Monday. (Is it wrong that this grown woman actually enjoyed that movie in a very guilty pleasure kind-of way? The songs were really good.)

Don't be such a hater

So one of my favorite movies of last year has been in almost every Worst of 2008 lists I've read. I think you know what movie I'm referring to: Mama Mia! The biggest complaint I hear reviewers say is that Pierce Brosnan can't sing. Truthfully, his singing wasn't fantastic, but for me, that made it all the more appealing. Imagine for a moment that the hottest guy in the world is interested in you, extra wrinkles and all, and he can't sing, but he knows you like to sing, so you watch him trying with all his heart to impress you with his gravely singing, and your heart just melts. That's what happens every time I watch the scenes where Pierce is singing: my heart melts.

And I grow more attracted to Meryl Streep's acting the older she gets. I used to not see what all the big fuss was about her acting. But now I'm drawn to her movies, and her in them. I can't keep my eyes off her.

Kulani also bought a new 48" TV for the family, and to properly christen the TV, I think a viewing of Mama Mia! is in order. Poor, Kulani. I'll spare him this time.


Aundrea said...

We wonder some of the same things about the Disney Princess movies...also, where are all their mothers??

I also enjoyed Mama Mia, but Kelly was spared the experience...strictly a GNO movie:)

Leo and Jill said...

I always enjoy your thoughts and as far as the Princess thing goes at least they are not doing what Sandy did for Danny in Grease. They are adapting to a new enviornment to find a prince that is worthy of themselves. I think at times we have all changed ourselves a bit, whether one is ready to admit it or not, for that of the opposite sex. I personally have no hesitations letting my children watch princess shows if that is what they like. The princesses are not "whoring" around or smoking or cursing they are in the fairy tale world (now remember most of these stories to were not written by Disney just borrowed to create a childs film. Most of these are hundreds of years old. EX: The Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Anderson of Denmark who was born in I believe 1805). There are worse things that my children could be watching and Disney Princess movies that a lot of people deem to be wrong.
Sorry for getting on my little soap box there are certain things that just erk me. I had a roommate state on her blog that the children's song "the wheels on the bus" is an extremely sexist song because they don't say "the daddy's on the bus." Silly just plain silly if you ask me.
But no worries Cindy lou, your blog is still my favorite blog to read because it is well written.
Love ya cuz!!

just monkeyin' around said...

Cindy you have a beautiful mind...I have to admit Rady does like little mermaid and beauty and the beast, much to Jared's protests...and I haven't seen Mama Mia yet, maybe I will have to go to the video store this week...Thanks

Morkthefied said...

I hear ya, Jill. Kulani doesn't hate on the princesses in front of the girls; he expresses his thoughts to me behind closed doors. Trust me, we have plenty of princess stuff around here too. I was just being "ranty." Love a good rant.

Amo said...

I totally agree with your sentiments about Pierce Brosnan's singing in Mamma Mia. The fact that he is not a great singer only endears him more. I think it is all part of the great fun that is Mamma Mia. Nate even likes it (but he likes Twilight and musical theater so no big surprise -- I happen to know he's straight or these facts would be a real clue). I do think he looks like he is in pain when singing, but I still love it!