Friday, January 16, 2009

Liz Lemon = Me

I'm catching up on some Christmas gifts, one of them being the first season of 30 Rock on DVD given to me by my husband, who is a really great gift giver.

As I'm watching Tina Fey as Liz Lemon, I'm realizing that I am Liz Lemon had I never gotten married, and she is me had she gotten married and spawned three kids. Need further proof? Those with considerable Cindy knowledge will understand the following illustrative example of why she is me:


MarySquare said...

Hey, I've just been watching 30 Rock on Netflix. I made it through the first 2 seasons in about 2 weeks, now I've caught up on the 3rd season on

Amo said...

Cindster -- just saw that clip. Laughed out loud at the food stains on the shirt. You are Liz Lemon! (all of my shirts you borrowed in school will attest to that). In other news, I love 30 Rock!

Lady G said...

unfortunately, i am liz lemon for real--just like husband, no kids and a committer of frequent gaffes at the office!