Friday, June 20, 2008

The baby

This is just a short post to remind myself how completely enjoyable it is to have a 16-month-old baby around the house. Nohea is so fun to watch. Seeing her little toddler body walking around is just joy. She still has rolls of fat in all the right places. She thinks she's as old as the other girls. Everytime I ask who wants food (like, "Who wants some ramen?"), Nohea raises her hand and says, "Eee," which means, "me." She folds her little arms during the prayer. She says "sheee" (cheese) when taking her picture. She gets after Jesse like I do. She smiles so freely and willingly. It is just joyful.


Lion & Lioness said...

speaking of babies, Keri Anderson had her baby and I heard that there were complications with the baby and they had to give her(the baby) blood transfusions. SO now she is doing better and that is pretty much all I know so I thought I would pass it along to you.
Looks like you had fun on your trip.
I too loved Tim Russert.

Mark, Lindsay, Bennett, and James said...

Huh...Nohea and I are a lot alike. I too have fat in all the right (WRONG) places, I become exhausted after eating, and I am a complete joy! I like those girls of yours--you should send them over. You can come too!

go mom go said...

That's my favorite age. Aren't they fun at that age? Now if they could just stay little instead of growing into sassy little boogers.