Sunday, June 29, 2008

Literally, Just kick me!!!

If my blog is as annoying as this one, please just gently as possible let me know. (But no matter what you think, there's no gentle way of telling me I look like I've gained some weight. There's just not. Well, unless you are my young children and you say, "Mom, your tummy is big." To me, that's just cute. My response: "I'm trying out for a role as the Pillsbury Dough Mommy.")

(Note: The aforementioned link will take you to a "mock" blog, but we all know people like it, even it is myself, and I just have to laugh at myself a little bit. If you've ever lived in Provo, you especially knew someone identical to this blogger. Literally!!! I found the link after once again losing too much precious time by browsing Internet sites, and one of the places I can count on for some pretty good laughs is If you've ever heard the term Jewish American Princess, this one's about a Mormon Princess. My brother-in-law is an anathesiologist locally, and he's seen more and more Mormon Princesses when delivering babies.)

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