Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moon Walk and Sticky Shoe

Summertime is a magical time. I feel like a kid again; shirking my duties to bake cookies with the kids, going to the dollar matinee, and swimming every chance we get. Thanks to an e-mail sent to me by my old, dear friend Kara, we went on a late-night moonwalk last night to view the "moon illusion." The moon looked like it was close enough to lasso. Here's a picture, but I should have not used the flash so you could see how bright and big the moon looked last night. And it's blurry, and the moon looks more like a lampost. So, it really isn't that great of a picture, but here it is anyway.

On our walk we ran into neighbors and fellow bloggers, the James. They are the heartbeat of Pine Hollow Drive, as their daughter and another neighbor girl run a summer camp for all the kids in the neighborhood, and Ellen is the lady I run to whenever I need extra eggs, sugar, butter, etc.

Earlier that day we saw the first of what I hope to be our weekly outings to the "Sticky Shoe" Theater in American Fork to catch the 11:00 matinee. This time we brought along Lilia's school buddy Lily and our neighbor girl Kayla. The girls had a great time. We saw Black Beauty. I didn't get to see the end of it, because Nohea figured out that if she cried and fussed, I would take her outside. So we enjoyed a few games of 25 cent pinball in the lobby. The 25 cent pinball machines are getting harder to find. The Sticky Shoe is the best theater in town. They have a row of 25 cent candies too, so I splurged and let the girls choose a candy a piece. And then of course, we had to get the popcorn. People who can pass by movie theater popcorn while in a movie theater are stronger people than me.

And this is Nohea after consuming cookie dough and cookies. She's exhausted, bless her little heart. More about our Hawaii trip in the near future. Right now, I've got to get back to editing.


go mom go said...

You're such a fun mom. I love the name..."Sticky Shoe". Mmmm. Movie theater popcorn. I've been known to just go in and get the popcorn and leave.

MarySquare said...

Ohhh, that picture of Nohea is so cute! Going to the matinée is one of the thins I desperately wish I could do -- our movie theater does daily matinées for only $1.00 but they are showing more recent stuff like Bee Movie. I'd rather see Black Beauty... Next summer, daytime matinées here I come!

wonder woman! said...

Fisher's! The blog is awesome. It is great reading what's up in your world. It was so much fun to get a peek into your lives! Stay in touch and I will do the same.

Love ya!

Ellen James said...
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Ellen James said...

You are too sweet! I don't know when the last time you borrowed something from is more like me borrowing butter from you.

Reading your blog makes me laugh. I think that is hilarious that Bennett's favorite food is flax seeds. Keep up the funny comments from nursery! I love them.

You are such a good mom to your kids...and your kids are just so sugar sweet.