Monday, June 16, 2008

Beach Happenings

Lilia taking a bow at Hukilau Beach on the island of Oahu in Hawaii on Saturday, June 14. Lilia worked really hard at catching waves with the little boogie board we bought her. Dad taught her a few lessons, and she got pretty good at it. I have other pictures and video of her catching the waves.

Lissy building one of her many sandcastles at Hukilau Beach. Nohea helping out. We stayed until closing time at the beach. It was hard to pull ourselves away. Lissy was really into the sandcastle building and bridge building--she was always building bridges. Maybe she'll take after Uncle Lani and become an architect.

One thing the island of Oahu has over the island of Hawaii is beaches. It seems like there was a beach every five miles or so. Our favorite was the Hukilau Beach. The Hukilau Beach seemed more like a "locals" beach. It had great, beginner waves. I took Nohea out to feel the waves drag across her feet and legs. We all loved the beach. Joelle, our niece, was a great help. She especially came in handy after Kulani did the ragdoll toss from a large wave into the beach floor at Pounders Beach. Kulani managed to break his clavicle in two places. We took him to the emergency room at Kahuku Hospital. The nurse doubted Kulani actually broke a bone because he was so calm. After removing his towel and seeing the bone bulging, she changed her tune. They gave him a shot of Demerol, put him in a sling, and gave him a healthy dose of some pain medications to help him until he arrived home in Utah. Kulani was out for the rest of the trip.
Joelle, the girls, and I decided to tour Laie our last night in Hawaii. We stayed late at the beach, then we went on a walking tour around the Laie Temple. We later had a late-night treat at The Best McDonald's In the World in Laie. More to come.


Mr. Flynn said...

oh man, that sucks. Sorry Fish. At least it seems you took it like a man.

go mom go said...

I guess Pounders Beach really pounded him. Sorry, I couldn't resist that one. I can't wait to hear about your trip.

MarySquare said...

Ouchies! Cindy, did you pull a Mom and tell Kulani he had to wait till you took a shower and got your make-up on before you'd take him to the hospital?

Does this mean you guys are back home?

Morkthefied said...

I almost said, "How do you know it's broken?" But I could tell almost immediately that it was indeed broken. We drove straight to the hospital, and I was still in my bathing suit with sand all over my body. We are home and almost caught up from the time difference.