Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer was back

Just when we thought it was getting warm, today is COLD! I called my dad and he said it's cold in Burley, too, where Kulani and I are slated to compete in the Vikingman triathlon on Saturday. The Snake River is recording a nice 55 degrees. Wetsuits are mandatory, and we'll definitely be wearing our skull caps and booties. Even then, I hope I don't freeze on the bike. But maybe the bad weather will give me yet one more excuse to use when my time is so slow.

So because I don't want to be outside in that weather, we are all inside today sitting on the couch, watching Sesame Street, and drinking hot cocoa. I would love days like today if it weren't for my jitters about the Vikingman and all the things I need to get done. We leave for Hawaii the day after the triathlon. I think we'll just sun ourselves on the beach for a few days to recover from all this rigmarole.

Lilia had a playdate with her friend Lilli from preschool. Their similarities are eerie. First, their names are so similar. Than they look the same. They're both in families with all girls. Lilli has three sisters, and Lilia has two sisters. The preschool teacher said Lilia and Lilli are thick as theives. They both had speech-delay problems, but Lilli has caught up a little faster than Lilia. I'm glad they'll be going to the same kindergarten together. They may even end up in the same class.

Now it's time to take a power nap to recharge the ol' batteries (pronounced battries). Oi wei, my aching goiter. I need to put up my meshoykas and rest. I'm not sure those are Yiddish words, but sometimes I wish Mormon culture had a few more of the old-world words that give character to an ailing woman's vernacular. I guess I can borrow their phrases since under gentile in the dictionary it says anyone who isn't Jewish or who isn't Mormon.


Mark, Lindsay, Bennett, and James said...

Oh, how I loved reading this!! All I can say is....My sentiments exactly--even on the Yiddish words. You should send your girls over here this week so you can pack for Hawaii--I should't even be nice to you because you are leaving this NOT summer place and going to dumb, lame Hawaii!

Shannon said...

Hi there, I found your blog randomly and found your memories of Grandpa Christenson (who is my great grandfather) and really enjoyed them. My father is larry's son, Kent. I moved to Alaska when i was just a little girl. It was a delight to read about you and your family. Feel free to check out my blog.
Love, Shannon

Morkthefied said...

Shannon, of course I remember you! If I remember correctly, you went to BYU. You are so eloquent in your blog writings. My blog reads more like: "I Cindy. You read." I can't believe you found the post about Grandpa C. This Internet thing isn't such a bad thing afterall. It's helping us long-lost cousins keep in touch. Hope to see you at a reunion someday!

go mom go said...

At this moment, you're probably winning the Viking Man...I'm cheering for you! Go Cindy! Go Kulani!

Shannon said...

I raced my first triathlon last summer and it was so incredible...I work so much better if I have a goal in mind! I hope yours goes well and yes, I went to BYU and Ricks:) Pretty crazy that I found your blog for sure but awfully fun and exciting.