Friday, September 5, 2008


Too verbose. Next 20: one liners. Go.

59. Number of guys I've kissed: 7.
58. Farthest place I've been: Hawaii.
59. Vacationed with the family on Macinac Island off the tip of Michigan.
58. Took a "flight trip" to Brown University with Kulani and Lilia.
57. Favorite food: king crab legs and breakfast food.
56. Favorite restaurants: McGrath's, Ruth's Chris, and Outback Steakhouse.
55. First car I bought for myself: Subaru Loyale. Cost: $4,000.
54. Number of hours/week I work from home doing technical writing for DHI: 10-15.
53. Number of times I've hiked the Y: around 5.
52. Number of times I say, "Ain't no thang but a chicken wing" in a given day: 3.
51. Number of times it annoys Kulani to no end: 3.
50. Favorite poet: Walt Whitman.
49. Favorite time of day: dusk.
48. My dad made us breakfast every weekday morning growing up.
47. Kulani and ice skating do not mix, but he tried it for me exactly once.
46. I love creme brulee and learned how to make it from our friend Ben.
45. I have been known to eat a whole pack of gum within a half hour--a Fruitstripes pack of gum.
44. Never want to get a master's degree, but if I did, I would probably study religion.
43. Lived with my Grandma McEuen in Orem a total of 3 times: during freshman year, while Kulani was in Oregon, and after Lilia was born.
42. One of the funnest games I've ever played is innertube water polo.
41. I drive a Toyota Sienna mini-van, and I love it.
40. All the nursery kids, and every little child I've looked after, call me Cindy Fisher, not Sister Fisher and not Cindy.


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go mom go said...

you know how to make creme brulee? That's my favorite dessert! Will you teach me how sometime? Sometime...hmm...