Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quirky things about my family

Kulani has tried out many and various wallets with which to hold all of his credit cards, ID, and money. He's tried expensive Nautica wallets, a man purse (it's European), and a bill fold. He's resigned himself to this and says he won't go back:

Lilia has very hairy legs. She gets it from my side of the family, as the hair is white. My Grandpa McEuen had really hairy legs and arms.

Here's Lissy's mouth two weeks after her incident. Two teeth are gone, and two teeth are smashed in. We'll find out in a couple more weeks whether we have to pull the smashed-in teeth.

I never wanted to post the following picture, but if I'm posting quirky things about my family, I'd better include something about myself. As I've warned before, if you're sensitive to seeing pictures of the inside of a human's mouth, like I am, try to close your eyes and skip to the picture of Nohea. The following picture is of the bump under my tongue that developed after the doctors clipped my tongue as a baby.

And this is a picture of Nohea's weird arm rash. It's a type of eczema, but it's not eczema, is how her doctor explained it to me. Her nose also has a recent scrape from her dare-devilness that caused her to attempt jumping the great divide between the coffee table and the couch. Like Evil Kanievel before her, she didn't quite make it and scraped her nose on her way down into the gulch.

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