Friday, September 26, 2008

Economy, Schmeconomy: Let's go out to dinner!

Don't be turning on the news. Keep the newspaper away from your eyes. Radio should be sufficiently tuned to rock-n-roll on the FM dial. That's right, it's another season of Dine-O-Round! Let's not down ourselves in talk of a depression and complete financial meltdown of our world as we know it, bah. Let's drown ourselves in tasty food and libation (of the non-alcoholic kind, of course--oh Mrs. Maloprop, always bending words to match her own personal meaning).

This is the first season I've participated in the Dine-O-Round. Kulani has involved himself in the cause in previous seasons. As always, we take our faithful dinner compatriots, Lani and Patrick. For those not in the know, Dine-O-Round is Salt Lake City's answer to National Stay At Home Week. Nice, expensive restaurants around town offer more reasonably priced 3-course menus for the week.

Last night we tried the Metropolitan, a frech restaurant in downtown SLC. They started our meal by giving us an amuse busche, which for those who don't watch the Food Network, it's a bite of food meant to get your taste buds ready for the meal. Ours was a little tasty salad bite. The first course choices included a celery soup or a bib salad with strawberries, almonds, and a poppy-seed dressing. The choice of entrees for the Dine-O-Round were tri-tip bison or salmon. The choice for dessert was a mixed-berry cobbler or chocolate molten cake. As we like to do, I ordered one menu and Kulani ordered the exact opposite, and then we shared.

Here's my report card on the food:
  • Celery soup: A-
  • Bibb lettuce salad: B-
  • Salmon: A
  • Bison: C
  • Molton cake: B
  • Pre-dinner bread: D (They had this barley-type bread that almost ruined the rest of my meal.)

They didn't bring me my cobbler, and the cake looked too good to take back, so I just ate it. I didn't appreciate that the restaurant didn't have salt and pepper at the table. My guess is, and mind you I haven't eaten at too many fancy French restaurants, the chef should season it to perfection thereby you do not need salt or pepper at the table. But to my liking, the bison needed much more salt.

We arrived back home to finish our night by watching the pre-recorded episode of The Office season premiere. It's the little indulgences that keep this train on its track. As a good friend once said to me, date night is cheaper than marriage counseling. And tastier.


MarySquare said...

Hans and I are going to try to do a date night tonight. Good for you guys for being motivated enough to do it. We're going to go see Ghost Town. Please let it be funny!

abadgerbennett said...

Cindy, do you ever sleep? You wrote on my wall at like 10:45pm and then were chipper enough to post this blog at 4:45pm. Do you have a drug problem we need to discuss?

abadgerbennett said...

I'm so brain dead, I meant 4:45 AM!

Aundrea said...

I love your comment about date night being cheaper than counseling:)

I was so happy to have "The Office" to watch again. I watched it all by myself because Kelly was watching the OSU/USC game. They kept yelling at me from upstairs, asking what I was laughing about.

Morkthefied said...

I want to see Ghost Town just to see Ricky Gervais, but I'm squirmy about that one. Keep me informed of your review.

Andrea, the answer is naps. Yes, I was up early, but then I took a nap at about 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Naps are the answer to all of life's problems.

Fish said...

I was disappointed with last night's dinner compared to the previous round. Unlike Cindy, I loved the bread - cottage cheese and dill or calamata olive.

Tucano's was reliable - and 25% cheaper during the dine-o-round.

Amo said...

We tried the Italian place on the southeast corner of the Gateway on the Dine-o-round last week and it was great!

Nate and I try to do date night; I call it our "working on marriage relations" night.

Ellen James said...

So, that's why you weren't at my birthday dinner?? I guess I will forgive you, only because you were eating yummy food...always choose yummy food over me! :) Rick and I keep wanting to try the Dine-a-Round, but we always miss it. We were in SLC today and saw the signs, but now we are too tired to go back up. Now, if it was in Cedar Hills, then that would be awesome! ;)