Friday, August 15, 2008


You know you've got a wicked blogging habit when you want to read something new from your own blog. It's not like anything that goes on around here is a surprise to me. Truthfully, I have few hobbies. And now that triathlon season is over for me, I have even less hobbies. So I guess I'll just blog.

The girls have been rather strange lately. I blame it on the evil influence of the neighbor girl Kayla. Actually, Kayla is a pretty funny girl. My girls think she is the end all, be all. She's older (7), and she's crazy, but she's also pretty sweet. She has given me the following very good parenting tips:
  1. While shopping, the girls will beg for treats. Kayla was with us once while we were shopping. She told me, "What you can do is allow the girls to have one treat on Fridays, and then the rest of the week, just tell them they have to wait until Friday for the treat." Good advice, I think.

  2. Another time the girls were complaining about being hungry while shopping. She told the girls to not look at the food on the shelves, but look straight ahead and then you won't get so hungry.

  3. Sometimes I get tired at night and don't do the dinner dishes right after dinner. The next morning I have the dishes to do. Kayla says to me, "Even if you're tired, you should do the dishes the night before and then you won't have to do them in the morning." For some reason, that inspired me to be better at doing them the night before.

  4. I asked the girls to clean up their rooms. Kayla said, "Let's make a game of it. You be the wicked stepmother, and we'll be Cinderella. And you tell us we have to clean our room or we're not going to the ball." It worked.

Here are some pictures of the weirdness that is going on in our home.

This is Lilia wearing the Hannah Montana wig I made her out of leftover yarn.

Lissy still in her pajamas. If you've ever thought about coming by the house before, say, 11 a.m., be prepared to see us in our pajamas. I'm usually up by 6 a.m. working, but we tend to stay in our pajamas until I'm done, which is usually about 10 or 11 a.m.

Nohea sportin' her chocolate-pudding mustache.

Bon jour!

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mariann and Tory said...

Don't you LOVE neighborhood kids? When we lived in our first neighborhood when we moved down here we had to disassemble the doorbell and play not at home because of some crazy neighbor kids! They were disrespectful and would break EVERYthing. We are so glad we moved!