Sunday, August 3, 2008

More Adventurous

Last night, Lani and Patrick came down for sushi. I put together the sushi and Lani brought the salad (pictured below) as well as some really nice oysters they picked up at Macey's of all places. Here's a partial shot of the spread:

Any number of times I've told one of my kids, "You don't have to eat it if you don't like it, but you do have to try it so you know whether you like it or not." That's the general rule with most things, but there's always been an exception for things that many adults would consider adventurous, like sushi or oysters. All of them have tasted and now like poi and lau lau.

Even without pushing it, the kids have started eating sushi. I suspect most of that is because we eat it and don't make any faces or question when they want some. Last night, even I was shocked about how adventurous the girls have become. Lilia decided to give the oysters a go. Uncharacteristically, Cindy and I both asked her if she was sure. Twice. Undeterred, she pressed on, forcing down a huge oyster. The contortions of her face reflected the unfamiliarity of the flavors as she worked it down. I fully expected her to spit it out. Or worse. She soldiered on and swallowed it down. When we asked her how it was, she responded, "I don't think it's my favorite. I don't think I liked it very much." I complimented her on her willingness to try it. I barely noticed when she tried another one with cocktail sauce. She liked it that way, and helped herself to another. Lissy tried to eat half of one several times, and couldn't agree with the flavor. Nono tried the other half of the one Lissy started as well, crying the first several times we wouldn't let her have one. Nono's not the biggest fan either. Well, at least now they know. It doesn't bother me that Lissy doesn't like oysters. At least she knows she doesn't like them, and doesn't theorize she doesn't like them. I'm pretty sure Anthony Bourdain would approve.

A picture of the raw oysters on a half shell:


Fish said...

Last night was also my first time of eating raw oysters. How did Kulani get me to choke one down? He told me Anthony Bourdain would be ashamed of me if I didn't eat an oyster. I choked it down straightway--covered in Tapatio. I didn't swallow it whole; I chewed it. Not my favorite. I don't think I'll be eating another one anytime soon. It reminded me of fishing with my dad when I was a kid. I think worms would taste similar to oysters.

Fish said...

Uh, that last comment was by morkthefied, not fish. Looks like I'm still logged on.

Ellen James said...

Wow! Nevermind about me bringing you dinner, how about you guys bring us some!

My kids love sushi, they started eating it before they could really talk. Except Nathan, he is super picky. We have that same rule, but he doesn't seem to care.

Janessa loves escargo (not sure if the spelling is correct, sorry). She and Andrew had it in France. Funny, she was this darling little 6 year old in blonde pig-tails eating snails. How funny is that?

When can we come over for dinner? :)